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Originally Posted by ditkaworshipper View Post
For a "how to" on the interview lunch, my first chief actuary deserves a shout out for emphasizing the no business at lunch rule when I interviewed. Seriously, someone asked me a work related question and he cut me off before I could answer. At that moment, I wanted the job more than anything in the world.
I nominate this post for the "Why do you want to work here?" thread.
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JMO is right
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I agree with JMO.
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And def agree w/ JMO.
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This. And everything else JMO wrote.
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I recommend you get perspective.
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Dude, you can't fail a personality test. It just isn't that kind of test.
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I'm disappointed I don't get to do both.
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For me, I take accusations of simplicity as more of a compliment than an insult. When the level of complexity in your model is more than you can validate, you are wasting your time.
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