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Originally Posted by Mr F View Post
Not really. FPL for 2 person household is $16,240. 400% of that is about $65,000. At 400%, premium subsidies cover everything over 9.8% (or whatever it is indexed to now), which is about $6,400. Yoyo quoted a silver cost of $34,000, which translates to about $27,600 subsidy. Bronze plan was quoted at $26,000. yoyo would have $0 bronze at 400% FPL.

It's way harder to hit that at lower ages, but with the magnitude of premium dollars at higher ages and their interaction with the relatively fixed subsidy threshold, older people can much more easily qualify for $0 bronze or close to it.
But you can't forget the increased benefits that would come with the silver plan. If he qualified for the 94% variant, he could have a $150 deductible, or some really low amount. I think one of our plans has a $150 deductible and a $500 OOP max. That would be worth a little bit of money every month to me.

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