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Originally Posted by BruteForce View Post
But you can't forget the increased benefits that would come with the silver plan. If he qualified for the 94% variant, he could have a $150 deductible, or some really low amount. I think one of our plans has a $150 deductible and a $500 OOP max. That would be worth a little bit of money every month to me.
I was just commenting on the point made that by the time you would be qualifying for $0 bronze, you would be qualifying for CSRs. For people closer to 65, you can get to a $0 bronze way before qualifying for CSRs. Sure, a 94% CSR has far richer benefits than a bronze plan. If you can get there, great! Manipulating your recognized income to get to a 94% or 87% CSR (where the CSR differential is significant) is a much different task than getting down to 400% FPL to get premium subsidies though.
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