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Originally Posted by Vorian Atreides View Post
Good luck getting responses about a concept whose implementation is likely to be viewed as highly-proprietary information.

Most companies that have rating that utilizes telematics data will likely have some degree of "rating per mile" type aspect . . . but it will very likely not be as linear as a straight-forward "pay per mile" program.

You might look at industry literature on the use of telematics for some insights (the CAS has a few on the topic).

You might also consider if a strict linear relationship is going to be supported by data. For example, for lower mileage risks, the relationship might be linear (or close enough for rating); but you might get to a point where the increase in risk is diminished with an increase in mileage because the driver/policyholder has "great familiarity" with the roads and traffic patterns.
Thank you, this was helpful, any resources you (or anyone) can point me to is a great help.
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