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Originally Posted by Kenny View Post

Cricket requires you have a specific plan (don't remember which one but definitely higher than the base plan) and charges you a monthly fee to use your phone as a hotspot.
Originally Posted by PeppermintPatty View Post
I previously used one of the AT&T resellers, StraighTalk, maybe, or another brand in that company. When I tried to set up a hot spot, it said, "you need to contact AT&T." And of course, I had no business relationship with AT&T, and couldn't do that. Maybe there was some hack I could have used to get around the restriction, but in practice, I was never able to set up a hot spot, or even tether. With my current phone, I just looked up the hot spot app and set it up. It worked with no fuss at all. It was even automatically copied into my window-shade of frequently-used system stuff.
maybe it's a benefit of using a oneplus phone, i don't know. my cricket plan provides 8 gb high speed data, so i guess it isn't a base plan. anyway, i never had hotspot or tethering issues with oneplus and ST or cricket. no "contact carrier" messages, extra fees or any of that stuff. it just works
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