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Originally Posted by MathStatFin View Post
The majority of data scientists have traditional grad degrees and learned all this "data science" stuff on their own.
Yeah, to be honest it doesn't matter what degree you have if you're able to pick stuff up on your own, but when you condition on a traditional degree the chance of that goes up. In the end, I just don't have faith that spoon-fed programs will produce the highest tier people for the long term.

Originally Posted by MathStatFin View Post
1. I checked the student profiles for the NCSU program and I would say that at least half the students come from a non-stem background. There's even one student with a degree in theatre. A lot of people with business degrees. That's a little bit of a red flag imo.
Noticed the same thing myself. Huge red flag as I have little faith the majority of those people could handle any technical rigor. Even better, note that they point out under education their "SAS credentials", which I'm pretty sure every candidate has. Must be a pre-requisite for the program?

Originally Posted by MathStatFin View Post
2. Starting salaries aren't that important. It's better to focus on the long term especially when you're already an experienced actuary. these programs are teaching the hottest/latest frameworks/languages/tools which may not be as relevant in a couple of years.
The salaries are better than EL actuarial salaries but not as high as EL data science.

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