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Buy a good Indian cookbook. We bought "An invitation to Indian Cooking", by Madhur Jaffrey, and after exploring it for a few weeks my husband said, "now I could become vegetarian." That isn't a vegetarian book, but maybe 2/3 of the recipes are vegetarian, and it includes lots of substantial, filling, tasty recipes that aren't all the same. We eat her lentils and one of her chickpea recipes all the time, we usually have at least one of them each week, because they are also fairly quick and easy to prepare. (Well, the chickpeas are quick, and the lentils are easy. And both are delicious and with some rice and maybe a green, feel like supper.)

Other than the recipes in that book, my favorite vegan meal is 3 bean soup:

1-2 carrots
1-2 stalks celery if you have it around
3-6 big stalks of chard

2 12 oz cans butter beans (goya is good)
1 20oz can white kidney beans (I like progresso)
1 20 oz can dark red kidney beans (ditto)

3 quarts broth
1 12 oz can diced tomatoes
(tomato paste to taste)

fresh basil to taste
1 lb pasta (I like butterflies, but the rest of the family likes campanelle)

start broth heating. (I usually start with frozen broth, probably if you have room temp broth you can skip this step.)

peel and chop carrots, celery
separate the chard leaves from the stems, and chop the stems. Cut the leaves into large squares and reserve for later.

Saute the chopped veggies in olive oil until tender. Then uncan the beans and add them (I rinse them) and the broth, and the canned tomatoes, and the tomato paste. (Sun-dried tomato paste adds a nice umami if you can find it. My local market stopped carrying it.)

bring to a simmer, and add the pasta, the chard leaves, and the basil. Cook until the pasta is done.

Leftovers will turn into a stew, as the noodles will absorb almost all of the broth. I may like it better as stew than as soup, though, so I think it makes great leftovers. I use chicken broth, but a veggie broth works just fine.
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