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CASualty, thank you so much for this! I relied heavily on your question tally when re-taking the quizzes to make sure I saw most of the questions from the banks.

I followed almost exactly the same approach in studying for this exam, except I took the quiz questions after finishing each assignment and then went back and highlighted parts in the chapter that related to the quiz questions. (I felt that helped me to retain more information the first time round).

I probably spent about 70 hours studying, so I think your estimate of 65 hours is pretty accurate in terms of time that should be spent. My approach was:

First pass (~30 hours)
1. Read all of the assignments in the textbook (also did not bother with the online course)
2. After finishing each assignment, took the quizzes - refreshed once or twice to get different questions.
3. After taking the quizzes, went back and highlighted portions in the textbook relating to the quizzes to reinforce understanding, especially if I got certain questions wrong

Second pass (~40 hours)
1. Read all the review notes, reviewed highlighted portions of text in textbook, and reinforced review notes with notes from the text based on highlighted portions (~15 hours)
2. Took all of the quizzes, refreshed multiple times to make sure I got the majority of questions in the bank, and took notes on the answers I got wrong to make sure I understood them (~20 hours - about 1 or 1.5 hours per assignment). Usually skimmed review notes again after completing each quiz.
3. Took the practice exam, but as CASualty mentioned, this is just a static selection of quiz questions (~1 hour)
4. Reviewed notes/frameworks/lists to memorize (~4 hours)

I think the most frustrating part was taking the quizzes multiple times (at the end I was just mindlessly clicking through questions I had seen 5-6 times over until I was finally rewarded with 1 question I hadn't seen before).
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