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Originally Posted by soyleche View Post
The 1918 flu pandemic probably started in Kansas. It's known as the Spanish Flu because Spain didn't censor it's news about it.

Just to point out the history of it. Calling it the 1918 flu pandemic is probably better overall.
Spanish Flu is a worse term for this reason. At least the Chinese coronavirus is accurately describing its origin.

Spanish Flu is also bad because it's too easy to mistype it as Spanish Fly.
Sideshow Bob's a psychopath who uses proper Kelsey Grammer.

Originally Posted by Hydraskull
Turns out, annuitize IS DB. Directed by M Night Shyamalan.
Originally Posted by limabeanactuary
I realized WIS was his dump stat a while back.
Originally Posted by ShebaPoe
Ideologues should be kept far away from power. Starbucks is a good place for them to work.
Originally Posted by nonlnear View Post
There's no such thing as an overqualified barista. You need somebody who can not only make drinks and run a register, but also engage customers who might have questions about the genderqueer or Hegelian subtext of the latest pretending-to-not-be-from-a-big-label album being hawked on their counter.
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