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Default Personal impacts of Covid-19

We have threads for the disease itself, and for political and economic impacts, this is more about personal impacts.

Wide open discussion IMO, and not sure if people care to discuss, but obviously will affect a lot of local businesses - maybe your favorite local bar or restaurant will close (interestingly my local pub that I love(d) closed on March 1).

Or your wife gets pregnant or leaves you (could be both) because of the time isolated together.

The actual intention for this is more about philosophical thoughts, like the fact that I've had a lot of free time at home this last week and have re-considered some of my focus - that I've stepped away from some of my charity involvement to make time for other things (work mostly), which I'm now wondering if I'm ok with as I see a lot of pain in the community that I want to get more involved with.

Or anything else.

How is your life changing personally, or will change?

Not intended as a discussion of the short-term impacts of shelter-in-place and the like, but that's fine to - nothing's off limits, just not my intent.
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