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I have avoided the AO for the past 5+ weeks because I have been dealing with a personal tragedy that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. This thread seems to be a good opportunity for me to do some therapeutic sharing.

My son was in a horrific accident on February 18: hit by an SUV while bicycling to work. For the first 24 hours we were unsure he would live. He survived but was in a deep coma for about three weeks afterwards. He is emerging from the coma now but we have no idea what his long term condition will be as he suffered a traumatic brain injury along with broken bones, etc. We visited him daily in the ICU after the accident but otherwise we followed strict social distancing in the fear of contracting the virus and infecting him. There was a COVID-19 patient near his room in the ICU but we were assured we and he were safe.

His hospital, not surprisingly, subsequently banned all visitors. As difficult as that has been for us, it was the right decision obviously. So the impact of COVID-19 on us has been to just add a layer of anxiety on us as we can no longer visit him. The company our son and oldest daughter work for is a tour company that has been devastated by the virus so we also have worries about her future with the firm. Her husband is in movie production so he was laid off a month ago. Their two kids will probably not return to school this term so their parents have the stress of keeping them occupied.

So my message is that there are folks out there who have stresses that may be greater than the stress of catching the COVID-19 virus and they are having a hard time of it. My son’s accident was the third tragic incident to hit the Cooke family recently so things can only get better.

Thanks Westley for a thread to get this off my chest.

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