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Originally Posted by psp-fifa-fan View Post
How many hours did you spend studying?

I used TIA for all my prelims and I loved it. But not sure how good TIA is for FSA exams.
I don't track my hours at all, so I don't know if I even have an educated guess regarding how long I studied.

For Core last year, I finished my ASA in late Feb/early March, so I believe I started studying the last week or two of February for the exam on April 30th. I would typically study after work most nights 2-4 hours (with a few nights off when I was burned out), and then I'd get 6-8 hours of studying done per day on the majority of the weekends. Of course, I wasn't always focused/productive during that study time, but at least I was forcing myself to be in front of my study materials and trying to look at them. I think I went through the TIA videos 2 full times and then more on some of the more detailed concepts, and then I did a ton of notecard review, ramping up so that I could write all of the lists in a day by the last couple of days.

For Advanced, I probably started in late August and did a similar strategy. I put in less overall hours because there were less lists to memorize, and I was also more aware of what worked and what did not for me in terms of study strategy, so I was able to skip the first week or two of trying to figure out study methods that got me off to a slow start on Core.

TIA taught me how to do the problems, gave background info, etc and MATE provided good lists. As I didn't have time to fully go through the textbooks, I figured that combo would help spread the risk that I wouldn't miss any key points, and it worked out well.

It's a rough 2.5 months that way, but it worked for me, and it can done if you are committed.
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