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Originally Posted by DBactuary View Post
I don't track my hours at all, so I don't know if I even have an educated guess regarding how long I studied.

For Core last year, I finished my ASA in late Feb/early March, so I believe I started studying the last week or two of February for the exam on April 30th. I would typically study after work most nights 2-4 hours (with a few nights off when I was burned out), and then I'd get 6-8 hours of studying done per day on the majority of the weekends. Of course, I wasn't always focused/productive during that study time, but at least I was forcing myself to be in front of my study materials and trying to look at them. I think I went through the TIA videos 2 full times and then more on some of the more detailed concepts, and then I did a ton of notecard review, ramping up so that I could write all of the lists in a day by the last couple of days.

For Advanced, I probably started in late August and did a similar strategy. I put in less overall hours because there were less lists to memorize, and I was also more aware of what worked and what did not for me in terms of study strategy, so I was able to skip the first week or two of trying to figure out study methods that got me off to a slow start on Core.

TIA taught me how to do the problems, gave background info, etc and MATE provided good lists. As I didn't have time to fully go through the textbooks, I figured that combo would help spread the risk that I wouldn't miss any key points, and it worked out well.

It's a rough 2.5 months that way, but it worked for me, and it can done if you are committed.
Thanks! I think I may use both of them too.

So did you just use TIA for going over the outline and problems, and memorize the MATE notecards? Did you go over MATE's outline as well?
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