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Originally Posted by actexp View Post
looks ok for an EL for a new college graduate-have your exams and gpa at top and have omitted the fluff b.s. format on the dates should be improved to at least line up at the right margin, looks a bit sloppy the way it is. Question that comes up that you need to answer either in resume or cover letter is why you've been at supermarket since you graduated?
I was accepted into the Peace Corps to teach math abroad, but had some family responsibilities come up. I felt I couldn't abandon them at the time, and I reneged on the candidacy. Call me overly loyal to my people. Do you think that should be included in a cover letter, or omitted since I did not follow through? The supermarket job has benefits and permits me to take off time whenever to travel with my band, in addition to the post graduate 'what in the hell do I do with my life' mentality.
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