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Originally Posted by Hartke View Post
It does have the feel of a rough draft. That being said,

you have a tough gap to fill from 2015 to present with just a clerk job. Recent exam passes are a big plus, and I like that they are listed first. You could list musician above retail work so your story would seem more like "spent time after college touring with bands and doing cool stuff" instead of how it currently reads: "been working at grocery store for 3 years".

You list a lot of technical skills, but don't really list anything to back up that you have any experience with them.

some of your jobs have no description. while we dont want to read 5 bullets about a retail job, have at least 1 if you want to list it.

I would treat what you posted as a rough outline. Rearrange things, reformat things, add some more descriptions and try to tell a story here.

Good luck.

Thanks Hartke. I have been taking The Infinite Actuary's Technical Skills course that teaches these materials using actuarial examples. I figured I would put something about taking initiative to teach myself the common programs/languages in a cover letter? Good idea?
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