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I attended both a PREview seminar and a company sponsored REview seminar (of which Jim taught the Non-Life material) for this past sitting (Course 3). I passed. I think the PREview seminar is a great way to get a jump start on the material (as well as assures you start studying soon enough). It doesn't go too in depth, but it gives a good overview that makes the material seem a little more doable. (wouldn't recommend for those that have already seen this material). I would love to attend the Course 4 PREview seminar, however I feel that while the Seminar cost is completely worth the experience, for those not in the TX area the travel expenses associated with getting to Austin might outweigh the benefit. The REview Seminar was great. Jim really pulled the main ideas out and made the solutions manageable. My one piece of advice: take lots of notes. He tends to do a lot of the explanation in the actual problem book, so when you're flipping back through your notes two weeks later they seem rather empty (try copying solutions into your notes as well). Overall, very helpful.
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