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Originally Posted by ronaldy27 View Post
How often do you guys upgrade PC parts?
Do you guys ever get a bigger/better PC chasis?

I'm asking these questions because I want to build a computer that I know it can last and stay up to date in terms of performance. I feel like new graphics card, for example, come out once 1 to 2 years. Would the previous ones feel outdated when playing newer games that demand more power?
My current PC I bought in 2012.
I updated the memory (from 8gb to 16gb) a year or two after I got it.
I updated the video card two years ago.
Haven't done anything else and don't really think I'll be upgrading for a year or two.

I've been able to play most games on high settings, but not necessarily max.

Unless you are really looking at the most demanding games and needing to run them max settings you don't need to upgrade that often.
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