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Old 04-21-2019, 11:19 PM
Latitude30 Latitude30 is online now
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Default I highly recommend Crystal Clear Exams to supplement MATE/TIA

This is an outstanding supplement to TIA or MATE and it’s only $120 and it’s all pdf printable.

There’s a very important piece of SOA testing that Crystal Clear Exams does better at than TIA and MATE and it’s getting people to THINK CRITICALLY about what you are actually memorizing on note cards and outlines. This helps with questions that don’t just say “list” but “describe” or “give case examples.”

Here’s some examples of what crystal clear exams does differently :

A Care Mgmt question will ask not “list all the care mgmt programs:
Determine what type of Care Mgmt is most likely being described in each paragraph:
One might be
“A program at Sanford hospital targeting birth mothers during delivery about post/partum mental depression reduction preventive techniques that ....
Like this would be Concurrent Mgmt

A reserve question will not just say “calculate the development method” but
Here’s the L/R, here’s the PMPM, here’s expense leadings,
Develop and justify a well balanced reserve method...
The solution will give one of many logical well thought out justifications

Then the focus is on deliberately the newer lags are different claim patterns and some loss ratios show outlier results

they also do a full propensity score formula question.

And they cover the new ACO stuff in very in depth detail with the shared savings issues

And many lists are turned into reverse testing ... or questioning what would be the drawbacks if these items were not in the list

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Old 04-22-2019, 12:14 PM
Latitude30 Latitude30 is online now
Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 2,751

This is the cutest Actuarial exam study guide I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t normally think of a guide in this way

The types of questions it helps most with are these types

“Recommend a strategy for hospital X and ABC reinsurer ...

“Develop a chart explaining the pros and cons of ....

“Explain to the new CFO of a self insured ASO the reasons to estimate policy reserves and suggest ...

“List and carefully describe 4 of the principles for...”

The underwriter wants to use this method for this product. Explain why this might lead to an uncertain estimate

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