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Old 06-01-2019, 08:50 PM
Mitsu96 Mitsu96 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
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Originally Posted by Westley View Post
Great advice, especially from DTNF. Best advice ITT:

Don't do ANYTHING with the intention of showing how smart you are. Because you're probably used to being a standout in class, so it feels weird to be in a room of people who understand what's going on when you don't. And the natural response is to wait for a chance to show how smart you are AND THEN GO FOR IT!!!

That won't impress anybody even if it's on something that you really do have a valuable contribution to make (which isn't likely, nor is it impossible).

If you see something being done in a way that you feel very confident that you can improve the efficiency (and while this may sound unlikely, there's a lot of stuff that's done with dumb and outdated processes that you might be able to fix by end of summer), you could say

"That's not a good process, who set that stupid thing up that way" - this is obviously bad.
"I know how to do that better, I'm going to make changes and then tell them about it after" - even worse, actually.
"I know how to do that better, hey bossman can I work on some changes to make it more efficient" - better but still not very good
"Hey bossman, I think I see how I can make that process more efficient, can I show you how?" - good
"Hey bossman this process looks inefficient compared to if we made some changes to it, but of course I could be missing some of the reasons why it's set up the way it is, can I come by your office later and show you, maybe ask some questions" - that's a pretty good answer.

And my own advice to the OP: People ask questions like this because they're eager to impress - which is a good thing, mostly. But people that are eager to impress often have an "above and beyond" mentality, which can be a problem at the intern level or even for the first year of EL. And the problem is that you don't really understand the priorities and all the things going on that impact/are impacted by your work, so what you think of as "above and beyond" can be seen as "unnecessary" or worse "a problem because he did this extra stuff without considering that it would impact these other people. "

As an old cow-orker used to say: You want to drive the bus, and someday you will. But not today, you don't know enough to drive the bus; or to direct the bus; or even to clean the bus; you know enough to sit quietly on the bus and do as you're told. The path to driving the bus starts with that.

Summary: Do what you're told to do, not what you think is worth doing or what sounds like will impress people.
Thank you for the helpful advice and the accompanying analogy! I will definitely not forget this advice. Thank you so much!
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Old 06-01-2019, 08:51 PM
Mitsu96 Mitsu96 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 88

Originally Posted by theBrownsAreComing View Post
Bro I was nervous too. You'd be amazed how much you learn in a month. Every week you're just a bit less dumb and eventually you know you're still dumb but you at least know some acronyms and shit.
Hahahaha... okay, if you say so. Thank you for reassuring me!
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