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Old 05-13-2019, 05:56 AM
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Eddy Chan, FSA, CERA, MAAA
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Default PAK Study Manual Package / PAK Online Seminar for CFE Fall 2019

Hi All,

It is our honor to announce that the PAK Study Manual Basic/Premium Package + PAK Online Seminar are available for CFE Fall 2019. Please note that the printed copies of the PAK Study Manual and the PAK Flash Cards are also available. PAK Forum is available for students to ask questions, interact with each others, and discuss useful topics.

Products Available

#1. PAK Study Manual
1. Summary
2. Case Study Analysis
3. Relevant Past SOA Exam Questions (List)
4. 500+ Practice Questions
5. 10 Mock Exam Questions
6. Suggested Study Schedule and Syllabus Page Count
7. Email Support

#2. PAK Exam Aid
1. 110 Mock Exam Questions and Solutions (11 mock question sets)
2. 700+ Practice Question Set
3. Case Study Questions
4. Past SOA Exam Questions (from All FSA Tracks) Relevant to This Exam

#3. PAK Flash Cards
1. Summarize the key points in organized format
2. Include pros/cons, definition/description, etc
3. Contain around 400+ front/back flash cards (or 800+ slides)
4. Read them in your smart phone device, tablet device, and/or computer
5. PDF version is also available
6. Bonus: PAK Condensed Summary
7. Bonus: PAK Audio Flash Cards + Anki

#4. PAK Video of the Week
1. Videos discussing confusing topics and concepts.
2. Videos explaining calculation-related examples
3. Video reviewing the case study
4. Weekly video answering common students' questions

#5. PAK Test Aid
1. Mock Question Set

#6. PAK Study Manual Basic Package
1. PAK Electronic Study Manual
2. PAK Electronic Exam Aid
3. PAK Video of the Week

#7. PAK Study Manual Premium Package
1. PAK Electronic Study Manual
2. PAK Electronic Flash Cards
3. PAK Electronic Exam Aid
4. PAK Electronic Test Aid
5. PAK Video of the Week

#8. PAK Online Seminar
Paul Peterson is our instructor for CFE Online Seminar. He provides detailed explanations with interesting samples to help you better understand and master the materials. You can watch the videos any time you like in your PC/Mac, or smartphone (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC, etc). A sample video is available on the PAK website.

1. Over 80 videos to clarify and explain the key concepts/calculations in the readings of the entire syllabus
2. Discuss the past exam questions and what questions might be asked on the upcoming exam
3. Videos reviewing exam tips and techniques that can help you to maximize your score
4. Review the new version of the case study and discuss which sections are important, and how they might be tested
5. Contain condensed outlines for each reading
6. Practice Question Set to test your knowledge (together with 500+ practice questions in the manual)
7. Review the lectures and study at your own pace, on any PC, Mac, smartphone, and/or tablet device
8. All videos are available in MP3 (audio) format
9. Instructor support via email and PAK Forum support to help you to clarify any section of the syllabus
10. Free access for 2nd attempt (only for those who scored 2-5)
11. Include PAK Study Manual and PAK Flash Cards
12. 6 Mock Question Sets (Bonus: Feedback on one Mock Question Set + 1 case study practice)

For more product information, please visit or see the attached PDF.

Suggested Study Schedule
We create two PAK Suggested Study Schedules for two different students' groups:

If you would like to start studying before the release date of the exam result (in July), you can use the "20190617" version.

If you would like to start studying after the release date of the exam result (in July), you can use the "20190715" version.

Should you have any questions or would like to have more samples, please feel free to contact us at and/or (Please check your junk mailbox. Sometimes, our email is blocked.) Thanks!

Available at Actuarial Bookstore, Actex, and FIA.
Attached Images
File Type: pdf PAK_Study_Manual_CFE_Sample.pdf (701.0 KB, 30 views)
Attached Files
File Type: xls PAK_CFE_Fall_2019_Suggested_Study_Schedule.xls (176.0 KB, 26 views)
PAK Study Manual Packages/Seminars for CFE/SDM/ERM Spring 2020

ERM: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample) (Offer all 6 extensions)
SDM: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample)
CFE: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample)
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Old 07-12-2019, 05:35 AM
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PAK PAK is online now
Eddy Chan, FSA, CERA, MAAA
Join Date: Aug 2006
Favorite beer: Saki
Posts: 3,272

Please feel free to read students' comments about us and compare our products to others.
Originally Posted by wat? View Post
To all, I wish you the best of luck. As much as I like you, Paul & PAK, and certainly appreciate your services and helpfulness, I hope we never have to meet again on these terms. Exams may be starting on the other side of the world soon, so see you all on the other side!
Originally Posted by Nyorky2428 View Post
... The afternoon session had that reserve margin calculation that PAK had a bunch of Mocks for, but I never took the time to learn the formulas so missed those 4 points (except for the shocked mortality bit)
Originally Posted by DontGiveMeFive View Post
Thanks PAK in the design of mock exam. They did not provide any formula for that Down But Not Out ("DBNO") question. Once I saw this question, I felt disappointed because I practiced the calculations in the mock exam many times. I used the last 20 minutes to finish this part by an "approximate" formula from my memory.
Originally Posted by naturalblogarithm View Post
Passed! No more exams! Thank you PAK! I'd give you the MVP for this exam, but my wife gets it for watching the kids to allow study time (it's an honor just to be nominated, though).
Originally Posted by Actuary_Bro View Post
Had to have someone else check with all the volume but passd!!!

Eddy & Paul , thank you! PAK is great at covering the material and helping for first time FSA exam takers.
Originally Posted by tennoji View Post
Passed on 2nd attempt. Used PAK. Thanks Eddy!!!!!!! Studied really hard on this one (probably harder on any of the prelims). Does anyone know how long it takes to have the exam results processed and be recognized as finally having the CERA credential?
Originally Posted by Nyorky2428 View Post
Passed! PAK is definitely worth it for this exam
Originally Posted by langstafftigerpizza View Post
passed. at least some good news. My investment has been nose-diving since I took the exam.

PS- I used PAK study manual. Will recommend to my students.
Originally Posted by Sommelier View Post
Just wanted to put in a plug for PAK. Beyond having good study materials, they are a good company who really takes care of their customers. I just had the most positive interaction with Eddy and Melissa, and they really went above and beyond to help me out with a problem.
Originally Posted by RanaEgypt View Post
I sent the following email to Eddy and Paul on the day of the exam. Now the results are out and I passed. I thought of sharing my experience with everybody for those who are looking for recommendations:

"Dear Eddy and Paul,

I just finished my ERM exam and thought of sending you a token of sincere appreciation.

Irrespective of results, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for a work well done! As an Egyptian student with very little (almost no one) who has taken the exam before in the country, I was very anxious about learning the material on my own. The material you prepared was just spot on. It's comprehensiveness is astounding. Starting from the study notes, condensed study notes and even more condensed formula sheet to the exam schedule, past exams by topic and even stats about word frequencies in past exams and finally not just flash cards, but also audio flash cards and an online seminar.

So many support material just to make sure you cover every angle and address everybody's different style of learning.

Again, sincere appreciation and thank you from a grateful student.

Will keep you updated with the result."
Originally Posted by lifeact91 View Post
I thought I would give a quick review for the PAK materials, for anyone looking for recommendations. CFE in fall 16 was my first FSA exam, and I just found out I passed. I'm not much of a writer :P but here it goes. Eddy/Paul, let me know if this should be somewhere else.

I chose PAK at the recommendation of my coworkers, and was very, very happy with the experience. Would definitely use them again, and in fact, just signed up with them for SDM.

Study Guides: I thought the study guides were very good. More often than not, they were better than the source readings, or at least laid out in a more reasonable manner. Towards to end of my study time, I relied almost exclusively on the guides.

Online Seminar: These I thought were EXTREMELY helpful, especially on the more difficult readings where I needed someone to point me in the right direction. I probably watched them all 3 times, and listened to the mp3s a couple more. They got a bit dry at times, but that's probably to be expected given the material. Overall, though, they were pretty fun and very helpful. I'm going to start my SDM study by watching them.

Problems/Mock Exams: I did a lot of problems, but not even close to all of them. Some of them were good, some were just recitations of textbook questions, which was fine. They definitely helped me get ready though. I wish I had more time to do more.

Flashcards: Maybe it's the nature of CFE, but I didn't get a lot of use out of these. There just aren't that many lists or definitions to learn, I guess. Maybe my brain works differently though?

Customer Supporter: This is where they really shined, and I would give them a 10/10 just based on this. I counted and realized I'd emailed Paul or Eddy 23 times, and got a response within a day almost all the time. Sometimes just a couple of hours, which was nice. Paul's responses in particular were outrageously detailed and specific to my question. I don't think I ever got an answer from him that was less than 3 paragraphs. It was pretty great, and really helped to solidify the info. Paul has a great knack for explaining things that made no sense at first in language that was very easy to digest.

Overall, they made the process very easy and I felt very prepared. I highly recommend them. PM me if you want any more detailed info.
PAK Study Manual Packages/Seminars for CFE/SDM/ERM Spring 2020

ERM: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample) (Offer all 6 extensions)
SDM: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample)
CFE: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample)
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Old 07-12-2019, 05:36 AM
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PAK PAK is online now
Eddy Chan, FSA, CERA, MAAA
Join Date: Aug 2006
Favorite beer: Saki
Posts: 3,272

We are excited to offer the PAK Study Manual Premium/Basic Package and the PAK Online Seminar for the Foundations of CFE exam. We have been helping many students to pass this exam and we will continue to do so.

We introduce many new materials this time and we highly suggest getting our PAK Study Manual Premium Package.

Our PAK Study Manual Premium Package includes 1) PAK Study Manual, 2) PAK Exam Aid, 3) PAK Test Aid, 4) PAK Flash Cards, and 5) PAK Video of the Week.

Our PAK Study Manual summarizes all the readings in the CFE syllabus. Not only does it clarify confusing concepts and difficult calculation questions, but it also provides useful explanations for students to better understand the materials. We also offer 500+ practice questions and 10 mock questions in the manual so that you can practice your knowledge and understand the materials. Since many students are not familiar with the case study, we include our case study analysis to help students to better grasp the ideas in the case study and brainstorm what can be tested. A printed copy of the manual is also available!

Our PAK Exam Aid provides tons of questions for students to practice their knowledge. It includes 700+ practice questions (organized by objectives), 110 mock questions (11 SOA-exam style exam question sets) with detailed solutions, and relevant past exam questions. If you used the PAK Exam Aid before, you know how useful our mock questions and practice questions are.

Our PAK Flash Cards highlights essay topics and pros/cons that the exam questions test frequently. Over 400 cards are available. We also include the PAK Condensed Summary, the PAK Audio Flashcards, and the PAK Anki Flashcards for free! A printed copy of the flashcards is also available!

Our PAK Video of the Week covers important topics that are frequently tested in the exam. We release weekly video, starting from 6/1. The video sample is available here: Sample

If you get the PAK Study Manual Premium Package, you will get tons of practice (over 1200 practice questions, 130 mock questions, and past exam questions), useful flashcards for memorization, and the-best-of-the-class PAK CFE Video of the Week! You can also send Paul or Eddy if you have any questions on the syllabus and exam. Don't miss the package!

Besides that premium package, we also offer the PAK Online Seminar for Foundations of CFE exam. The purpose of this seminar is to solidify and enhance your knowledge of the readings, and most importantly, give you the best chance to pass the exam. We will review all of the key concepts, do examples, and discuss how the readings could show up on the exam. To help get you thinking about what the exam might look like, many videos end in a practice problem and solution. In addition to this, we will also include a set of practice questions, covering the entire syllabus, to get you thinking about the material.
PAK Study Manual Packages/Seminars for CFE/SDM/ERM Spring 2020

ERM: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample) (Offer all 6 extensions)
SDM: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample)
CFE: Manual (Sample) / Online Seminar (Sample)
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Old 07-15-2019, 01:06 PM
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Today marks the semi-official start of the new study season! If you have any questions, about the exam or about the material our about our products, please feel free to reach out to me or Eddy, we'd be more than happy to help you in whatever way we can.

You can do this!
Paul - CFE/SDM/ERM Online Seminar Instructor
PAK Study Manual Packages/Seminars for CFE/SDM/ERM Spring 2020

SDM: Sample
CFE: Sample
ERM: Sample
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