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Old 01-14-2005, 10:24 AM
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Arrow Revised List of Ampersand-Hex Codes: 2005 edition

The following is a list of all Ampersand Hex codes that print using HP PCL 6 on a LaserJet 2200D and IE 6.0 with some language add ins.

There are many more codes that will display based on what add in packs are installed.

For the complete unicode list in pdf format, see here:

For a display in html, another good site is here:

A note on convention.

Any capital letter, or letters which have no lowercase form, will have their first letter capitalized. Any lowercase letter will be in all lowercase.

For example: Schwa vs. schwa


€ € euro
ƒ ƒ function f
„ „ double comma
… … ellipses
† † dagger
‡ ‡ double Dagger
ˆ ˆ circumflex
‰ ‰ per thousand
Š Š S caron
‹ ‹ left angle bracket
ΠΠOE ligature
Ž Ž Z caron
‘ ‘ left single quote
’ ’ right single quote
“ “ left double quote
” ” right double quote
• • bullet
– – en dash
— — em dash
˜ ˜ tilde
™ ™ trademark
š š s caron
› › right angle bracket
œ œ oe ligature
ž ž z caron
Ÿ Ÿ Y dieresis
¡ ¡ Inverted Exclamation
¢ ¢ cent sign
£ £ pound sign
¤ ¤ currency sign
¥ ¥ yen sign
¦ ¦ broken bar
§ § section sign
¨ ¨ diaeresis
© © copyright sign
ª ª feminine ordinal indicator
« « left-pointing double angle quotation mark
¬ ¬ not sign
­ ­ soft hyphen
® ® registered sign
¯ ¯ macron
° ° degree sign
± ± plus-minus sign
² ² superscript two
³ ³ superscript three
´ ´ acute accent
µ µ micro sign
¶ ¶ pilcrow sign = paragraph sign
· · middle dot
¸ ¸ middle dot
¹ ¹ superscript one
º º masculine ordinal indicator
» » right-pointing double angle quotation
¼ ¼ vulgar fraction one quarter
½ ½ vulgar fraction one half
¾ ¾ vulgar fraction three quarters
¿ ¿ inverted question mark
À À A grave
Á Á A acute
  A circumflex
à à A tilde
Ä Ä A diaeresis
Å Å A ring
Æ Æ AE Ligature
Ç Ç C with cedilla
È È E grave
É É E acute
Ê Ê E circumflex
Ë Ë E diaeresis
Ì Ì I grave
Í Í I acute
Î Î I circumflex
Ï Ï I diaeresis
Ñ Ñ N tilde
Ò Ò O grave
Ó Ó O acute
Ô Ô O circumflex
Õ Õ O tilde
Ö Ö O diaeresis
× × multiplication
Ø Ø O slash
Ù Ù U grave
Ú Ú U acute
Û Û U circumflex
Ü Ü U diaeresis
Ý Ý Y acute
Þ Þ Thorn
ß ß szelig (sharp s)
à à a grave
á á a acute
â â a circumflex
ã ã a tilde
ä ä a diaeresis
å å a ring
æ æ ae ligature
ç ç c with cedilla
è è e grave
é é e acute
ê ê e circumflex
ë ë e diaeresis
ì ì i grave
í í i acute
î î i circumflex
ï ï i diaeresis
ð ð eth
ñ ñ n tilde
ò ò o grave
ó ó o acute
ô ô o circumflex
õ õ o tilde
ö ö o diaeresis
÷ ÷ divided by
ø ø o slash
ù ù u grave
ú ú u acute
û û u circumflex
ü ü u diaeresis
ý ý y acute
þ þ thorn
ÿ ÿ y diaerisis
Ā Ā A macron
ā ā a macron
Ă Ă A breve
ă ă a breve
Ą Ą A ogonek
ą ą a ogonek
Ć Ć C acute
ć ć c acute
Ĉ Ĉ C circumflex
ĉ ĉ c circumflex
Ċ Ċ C dot
ċ ċ c dot
Č Č C caron
č č c caron
Ď Ď D caron
ď ď d apostraphe
Đ Đ D stroke
đ đ d stroke
Ē Ē E macron
ē ē e macron
Ĕ Ĕ E breve
ĕ ĕ e breve
Ė Ė E dot
ė ė e dot
Ę Ę E ogonek
ę ę e ogonek
Ě Ě E caron
ě ě e caron
Ĝ Ĝ G circumflex
ĝ ĝ g circumflex
Ğ Ğ G breve
ğ ğ g breve
Ġ Ġ G dot
ġ ġ g dot
Ģ Ģ G cedilla
ģ ģ g top apostraphe
Ĥ Ĥ H circumflex
ĥ ĥ h circumflex
Ħ Ħ H stroke
ħ ħ h stroke
Ĩ Ĩ I tilde
ĩ ĩ i tilde
Ī Ī I macron
ī ī i macron
Ĭ Ĭ I breve
ĭ ĭ i breve
Į Į I ogonek
į į i ogonek
İ İ I dot
ı ı i w/o dot
IJ IJ IJ ligature
ij ij ij ligature
Ĵ Ĵ J circumflex
ĵ ĵ j circumflex
Ķ Ķ K cedilla
ķ ķ k cedilla
ĸ ĸ Greenlandic small k
Ĺ Ĺ L acute
ĺ ĺ l acute
Ļ Ļ L cedilla
ļ ļ l cedilla
Ľ Ľ L apostraphe
ľ ľ l apostraphe
Ŀ Ŀ L dot
ŀ ŀ l dot
Ł Ł L stroke
ł ł l stroke
Ń Ń N acute
ń ń n acute
Ņ Ņ N cedilla
ņ ņ n cedilla
Ň Ň N caron
ň ň n caron
ʼn ʼn apostraphe n
Ŋ Ŋ ENG Lapp
ŋ ŋ eng lapp
Ō Ō O macron
ō ō o macron
Ŏ Ŏ O breve
ŏ ŏ o breve
Ő Ő O double acute
ő ő o double acute
ΠΠOE ligature
œ œ oe ligature
Ŕ Ŕ R acute
ŕ ŕ r acute
Ŗ Ŗ R cedilla
ŗ ŗ r cedila
Ř Ř R caron
ř ř r caron
Ś Ś S acute
ś ś s acute
Ŝ Ŝ S circumflex
ŝ ŝ s circumflex
Ş Ş S cedilla
ş ş s cedilla
Š Š S caron
š š s caron
Ţ Ţ T cedilla
ţ ţ t cedilla
Ť Ť T caron
ť ť t apostraphe
Ŧ Ŧ T stroke
ŧ ŧ t stroke
Ũ Ũ U tilde
ũ ũ u tilde
Ū Ū U macron
ū ū u macron
Ŭ Ŭ U breve
ŭ ŭ u breve
Ů Ů U ring
ů ů u ring
Ű Ű U double acute
ű ű u double acute
Ų Ų U ogonek
ų ų u ogonek
Ŵ Ŵ W circumflex
ŵ ŵ w circumflex
Ŷ Ŷ Y circumflex
ŷ ŷ y circumflex
Ÿ Ÿ Y diaerisis
Ź Ź Z acute
ź ź z acute
Ż Ż Z dot
ż ż z dot
Ž Ž Z caron
ž ž z caron
ſ ſ upside down J
Ə Ə large schwa
ƒ ƒ function f
Ơ Ơ O hook
ơ ơ o hook
Ư Ư U hook
ư ư u hook
Ǎ Ǎ A caron
ǎ ǎ a caron
Ǐ Ǐ I caron
ǐ ǐ i caron
Ǒ Ǒ O caron
ǒ ǒ o caron
Ǔ Ǔ U caron
ǔ ǔ u caron
Ǖ Ǖ U macron dieresis
ǖ ǖ u macron dieresis
Ǘ Ǘ U acute dieresis
ǘ ǘ u acute dieresis
Ǚ Ǚ U caron dieresis
ǚ ǚ u caron dieresis
Ǜ Ǜ U grave dieresis
ǜ ǜ u grave dieresis
Ǻ Ǻ Angstrom acute
ǻ ǻ angstrom acute
Ǽ Ǽ AE acute
ǽ ǽ ae acute
Ǿ Ǿ O slash acute
ə ə schwa
ˆ ˆ circumflex
ˇ ˇ caron
ˉ ˉ macron
˘ ˘ breve
˙ ˙ dot
˚ ˚ ring
˛ ˛ ogonek
˜ ˜ tilde
˝ ˝ double acute
̀ ̀ grave
́ ́ acute
̃ ̃ tilde
̉ ̉ hook
; ; semicolon
΄ ΄ acute
΅ ΅ accent diaerisis
Ά Ά acute A
· · dot
Έ Έ Epsilon accent
Ή Ή Eta accent
Ί Ί Iota accent
Ό Ό Omicron accent
Ύ Ύ Upsilon accent
Ώ Ώ Omega accent
ΐ ΐ iota diaerisis accent
Α Α Alpha
Β Β Beta
Γ Γ Gamma
Δ Δ Delta
Ε Ε Epsilon
Ζ Ζ Zeta
Η Η Eta
Θ Θ Theta
Ι Ι Iota
Κ Κ Kappa
Λ Λ Lambda
Μ Μ Mu
Ν Ν Nu
Ξ Ξ Xi
Ο Ο Omicron
Π Π Pi
Ρ Ρ Rho
Σ Σ Sigma
Τ Τ Tau
Υ Υ Upsilon
Φ Φ Phi
Χ Χ Chi
Ψ Ψ Psi
Ω Ω Omega
Ϊ Ϊ Iota diaerisis
Ϋ Ϋ Upsilon diaerisis
ά ά alpha accent
έ έ epsilon accent
ή ή eta accent
ί ί iota accent
ΰ ΰ upsilon diaerisis accent
α α alpha
β β beta
γ γ gamma
δ δ delta
ε ε epsilon
ζ ζ zeta
η η eta
θ θ theta
ι ι iota
κ κ kappa
λ λ lambda
μ μ mu
ν ν nu
ξ ξ xi
ο ο omicron
π π pi
ρ ρ rho
ς ς final sigma
σ σ sigma
τ τ tau
υ υ upsilon
φ φ phi
χ χ chi
ψ ψ psi
ω ω omega
ϊ ϊ iota diaerisis
ϋ ϋ upsilon diaerisis
ό ό omicron accent
ύ ύ upsilon accent
ώ ώ omega accent
ϑ ϑ open (curly) theta
ϕ ϕ open (curly) phi
ϖ ϖ variant pi
Ё Ё Io (Russian)
Ђ Ђ Dje (Serbian)
Ѓ Ѓ Gje (Macedonian)
Є Є Je (Ukranian)
Ѕ Ѕ Dse (Macedonian)
І І I (Ukranian)
Ї Ї Yi (Ukranian)
Ј Ј Je (Serbian)
Љ Љ Lje (Serbian)
Њ Њ Nje (Serbian)
Ћ Ћ Tshe (Serbian)
Ќ Ќ Kje (Macedonian)
Ў Ў U (Byelorussian)
Џ Џ Dze (Serbian)
А А A (Cyrillic)
Б Б Be (Cyrillic)
В В Ve (Cyrillic)
Г Г Ghe (Cyrillic)
Д Д De (Cyrillic)
Е Е Ie (Cyrillic)
Ж Ж Zhe (Cyrillic)
З З Ze (Cyrillic)
И И I (Cyrillic)
Й Й Short I (Cyrillic)
К К Ka (Cyrillic)
Л Л El (Cyrillic)
М М Em (Cyrillic)
Н Н En (Cyrillic)
О О O (Cyrillic)
П П Pe (Cyrillic)
Р Р Er (Cyrillic)
С С Es (Cyrillic)
Т Т Te (Cyrillic)
У У U (Cyrillic)
Ф Ф Ef (Cyrillic)
Х Х Ha (Cyrillic)
Ц Ц Tse (Cyrillic)
Ч Ч Che (Cyrillic)
Ш Ш Sha (Cyrillic)
Щ Щ Shcha (Cyrillic)
Ъ Ъ Hard Sign (Cyrillic)
Ы Ы Yeru (Cyrillic)
Ь Ь Soft Sign(Cyrillic)
Э Э E (Cyrillic)
Ю Ю Yu (Cyrillic)
Я Я Ya (Cyrillic)
а а a (Cyrillic)
б б be (Cyrillic)
в в ve (Cyrillic)
г г ghe (Cyrillic)
д д de (Cyrillic)
е е ie (Cyrillic)
ж ж zhe (Cyrillic)
з з ze (Cyrillic)
и и i (Cyrillic)
й й short i (Cyrillic)
к к ka (Cyrillic)
л л el (Cyrillic)
м м em (Cyrillic)
н н en (Cyrillic)
о о o (Cyrillic)
п п pe (Cyrillic)
р р er (Cyrillic)
с с es (Cyrillic)
т т te (Cyrillic)
у у u (Cyrillic)
ф ф ef (Cyrillic)
х х ha (Cyrillic)
ц ц tse (Cyrillic)
ч ч che (Cyrillic)
ш ш sha (Cyrillic)
щ щ shcha (Cyrillic)
ъ ъ hard sign (Cyrillic)
ы ы yeru (Cyrillic)
ь ь soft sign(Cyrillic)
э э e (Cyrillic)
ю ю yu (Cyrillic)
я я ya (Cyrillic)
ё ё io (Russian)
ђ ђ dje (Serbian)
ѓ ѓ gje (Macedonian)
є є je (Ukranian)
ѕ ѕ dse (Macedonian)
і і i (Ukranian)
ї ї yi (Ukranian)
ј ј je (Serbian)
љ љ lje (Serbian)
њ њ nje (Serbian)
ћ ћ tshe (Serbian)
ќ ќ kje (Macedonian)
ў ў u (Byelorussian)
џ џ dze (Serbian)
Ґ Ґ upturned Ghe (Cyrillic)
ґ ґ upturned ghe (Cyrillic)
Ғ Ғ stroke Ghe (Cyrillic)
ғ ғ stroke ghe (Cyrillic)
Җ Җ downturned Zhe (Cyrillic)
җ җ downturned zhe (Cyrillic)
Қ Қ downturned Ka (Cyrillic)
қ қ downturned ka (Cyrillic)
Ҝ Ҝ vertical stroke Ka (Cyrillic)
ҝ ҝ vertical stroke ka (Cyrillic)
Ң Ң downturned En (Cyrillic)
ң ң downturned en (Cyrillic)
Ү Ү straight U (Cyrillic)
ү ү thin straight U (Cyrillic)
Ұ Ұ stroke straight U (Cyrillic)
ұ ұ stroke thin straight U (Cyrillic)
Ҳ Ҳ downturned Ha (Cyrillic)
ҳ ҳ downturned ha (Cyrillic)
Ҹ Ҹ stroke Che (Cyrillic)
ҹ ҹ stroke che (Cyrillic)
Һ Һ Shha (Cyrillic)
һ һ shha (Cyrillic)
Ә Ә Schwa (Cyrillic)
ә ә schwa (Cyrillic)
Ө Ө Barred O (Cyrillic)
ө ө barred o (Cyrillic)
Ա Ա Ayb (Armenian)
Բ Բ Ben (Armenian)
Գ Գ Gim (Armenian)
Դ Դ Da (Armenian)
Ե Ե Ech (Armenian)
Զ Զ Za (Armenian)
Է Է Eh (Armenian)
Ը Ը Et (Armenian)
Թ Թ To (Armenian)
Ժ Ժ Zhe (Armenian)
Ի Ի Ini (Armenian)
Լ Լ Liwn (Armenian)
Խ Խ Xeh (Armenian)
Ծ Ծ Ca (Armenian)
Կ Կ Ken (Armenian)
Հ Հ Ho (Armenian)
Ձ Ձ Ja (Armenian)
Ղ Ղ Ghad (Armenian)
Ճ Ճ Cheh (Armenian)
Մ Մ Men (Armenian)
Յ Յ Yi (Armenian)
Ն Ն Now (Armenian)
Շ Շ Sha (Armenian)
Ո Ո Vo (Armenian)
Չ Չ Cha (Armenian)
Պ Պ Peh (Armenian)
Ջ Ջ Jheh (Armenian)
Ռ Ռ Ra (Armenian)
Ս Ս Seh (Armenian)
Վ Վ Vew (Armenian)
Տ Տ Tiwn (Armenian)
Ր Ր Reh (Armenian)
Ց Ց Co (Armenian)
Ւ Ւ Yiwn (Armenian)
Փ Փ Piwr (Armenian)
Ք Ք Keh (Armenian)
Օ Օ Oh (Armenian)
Ֆ Ֆ Feh (Armenian)
ՙ ՙ Left half ring (Armenian)
՚ ՚ Apostrophe
՛ ՛ Emphasis Mark
՜ ՜ Exclamation Mark
՝ ՝ Comma
՞ ՞ Question mark
՟ ՟ Abbreviation Mark
ա ա ayb (Armenian)
բ բ ben (Armenian)
գ գ gim (Armenian)
դ դ da (Armenian)
ե ե ech (Armenian)
զ զ za (Armenian)
է է eh (Armenian)
ը ը et (Armenian)
թ թ to (Armenian)
ժ ժ zhe (Armenian)
ի ի ini (Armenian)
լ լ liwn (Armenian)
խ խ xeh (Armenian)
ծ ծ ca (Armenian)
կ կ ken (Armenian)
հ հ ho (Armenian)
ձ ձ ja (Armenian)
ղ ղ ghad (Armenian)
ճ ճ cheh (Armenian)
մ մ men (Armenian)
յ յ yi (Armenian)
ն ն now (Armenian)
շ շ sha (Armenian)
ո ո vo (Armenian)
չ չ cha (Armenian)
պ պ peh (Armenian)
ջ ջ jheh (Armenian)
ռ ռ ra (Armenian)
ս ս seh (Armenian)
վ վ vew (Armenian)
տ տ tiwn (Armenian)
ր ր reh (Armenian)
ց ց co (Armenian)
ւ ւ yiwn (Armenian)
փ փ piwr (Armenian)
ք ք keh (Armenian)
օ օ oh (Armenian)
ֆ ֆ feh (Armenian)
և և ech ywin ligature (Armenian)
֊ ֊ hyphen (Armenian)
ְ ְ Shva (Hebrew)
ֱ ֱ Chataf Segol (Hebrew)
ֲ ֲ Chataf Patach (Hebrew)
ֳ ֳ Chataf Kamatz (Hebrew)
ִ ִ Chirik (Hebrew)
ֵ ֵ Tzayray (Hebrew)
ֶ ֶ Segol (Hebrew)
ַ ַ Patach (Hebrew)
ָ ָ Kamatz (Hebrew)
ֹ ֹ Sin Dot (Hebrew)
ֻ ֻ Kubutz (Hebrew)
ּ ּ Dagesh (Hebrew)
ֽ ֽ Meteg (Hebrew)
־ ־ Hyphen (Hebrew)
ֿ ֿ Hyphen (Hebrew)
׀ ׀ Psik (Hebrew)
ׁ ׁ Shin Dot (Hebrew)
ׂ ׂ Sin Dot (Hebrew)
׃ ׃ Sof Pasuk (Hebrew)
א א Alef (Hebrew)
ב ב Beis (Hebrew)
ג ג Gimmel (Hebrew)
ד ד Daled (Hebrew)
ה ה Hay (Hebrew)
ו ו Vav (Hebrew)
ז ז Zayin (Hebrew)
ח ח Ches (Hebrew)
ט ט Tes (Hebrew)
י י Yud (Hebrew)
ך ך Chaf Sofit (Hebrew)
כ כ Chaf (Hebrew)
ל ל Lamed (Hebrew)
ם ם Mem Sofit (Hebrew)
מ מ Mem (Hebrew)
ן ן Nun Sofit (Hebrew)
נ נ Nun (Hebrew)
ס ס Samech (Hebrew)
ע ע Ayin (Hebrew)
ף ף Fay Sofit (Hebrew)
פ פ Fay (Hebrew)
ץ ץ Tzadi Sofit (Hebrew)
צ צ Tzadi (Hebrew)
ק ק Kuf (Hebrew)
ר ר Raysh (Hebrew)
ש ש Sh/Sin (Hebrew)
ת ת Taf (Hebrew)
װ װ W (Yiddish) (Hebrew)
ױ ױ OY (Yiddish) (Hebrew)
ײ ײ AY (Yiddish) (Hebrew)
׳ ׳ slash (Hebrew)
״ ״ shtraychal (Hebrew)
، ، Comma (Arabic)
؛ ؛ Semicolon (Arabic)
؟ ؟ Question Mark (Arabic)
ء ء Hamza (Arabic)
آ آ Alef With Madda Above (Arabic)
أ أ Alef With Hamza Above (Arabic)
ؤ ؤ Waw With Hamza Above (Arabic)
إ إ Alef With Hamza Below (Arabic)
ئ ئ Yeh With Hamza Above (Arabic)
ا ا Alef (Arabic)
ب ب Beh (Arabic)
ة ة Teh Marbuta (Arabic)
ت ت Teh (Arabic)
ث ث Theh (Arabic)
ج ج Jeem (Arabic)
ح ح Hah (Arabic)
خ خ Khah (Arabic)
د د Dal (Arabic)
ذ ذ Thal (Arabic)
ر ر Reh (Arabic)
ز ز Zain (Arabic)
س س Seen (Arabic)
ش ش Sheen (Arabic)
ص ص Sad (Arabic)
ض ض Dad (Arabic)
ط ط Tah (Arabic)
ظ ظ Zah (Arabic)
ع ع Ain (Arabic)
غ غ Ghain (Arabic)
ـ ـ Tatweel (Arabic)
ف ف Feh (Arabic)
ق ق Qaf (Arabic)
ك ك Kaf (Arabic)
ل ل Lam (Arabic)
م م Meem (Arabic)
ن ن Noon (Arabic)
ه ه Heh (Arabic)
و و Waw (Arabic)
ى ى Alef Maksura (Arabic)
ي ي Yeh (Arabic)
ً ً Fathatan (Arabic)
ٌ ٌ Dammatan (Arabic)
ٍ ٍ Kasratan (Arabic)
َ َ Fatha (Arabic)
ُ ُ Damma (Arabic)
ِ ِ Kasra (Arabic)
ّ ّ Shadda (Arabic)
ْ ْ Sukun (Arabic)
٠ ٠ Zero (Arabic)
١ ١ One (Arabic)
٢ ٢ Two (Arabic)
٣ ٣ Three (Arabic)
٤ ٤ Four (Arabic)
٥ ٥ Five (Arabic)
٦ ٦ Six (Arabic)
٧ ٧ Seven (Arabic)
٨ ٨ Eight (Arabic)
٩ ٩ Nine (Arabic)
٪ ٪ % (Arabic)
٫ ٫ Decimal Separator (Arabic)
٭ ٭ Five Pointed Star (Arabic)
پ پ Peh (Farsi)
چ چ Tcheh (Farsi)
ژ ژ Jeh (Farsi)
ک ک Keheh (Farsi)
گ گ Gaf (Farsi)
ی ی Yeh (Farsi)
ە ە Ae (Farsi)
۰ ۰ Zero (Farsi)
۱ ۱ One (Farsi)
۲ ۲ Two (Farsi)
۳ ۳ Three (Farsi)
۴ ۴ Four (Farsi)
۵ ۵ Five (Farsi)
۶ ۶ Six (Farsi)
۷ ۷ Seven (Farsi)
۸ ۸ Eight (Farsi)
۹ ۹ Nine (Farsi)
܀ ܀ End Of Paragraph (Syriac)
܁ ܁ Full Stop (Syriac)
܂ ܂ Full Stop (Syriac)
܃ ܃ Colon (Syriac)
܄ ܄ Colon (Syriac)
܅ ܅ Colon (Syriac)
܆ ܆ Skewed Left (Syriac)
܇ ܇ Skewed Right (Syriac)
܈ ܈ Colon Skewed Left (Syriac)
܉ ܉ Colon Skewed Right (Syriac)
܊ ܊ Contraction (Syriac)
܋ ܋ Obelus (Syriac)
܌ ܌ Metobelus (Syriac)
܍ ܍ Asteriscus (Syriac)
ܐ ܐ Alaph (Syriac)
ܑ ܑ Superscript Alaph (Syriac)
ܒ ܒ Beth (Syriac)
ܓ ܓ Gamal (Syriac)
ܔ ܔ Gamal Garshuni (Syriac)
ܕ ܕ Dalath (Syriac)
ܖ ܖ Dotless Dalath Rish (Syriac)
ܗ ܗ He (Syriac)
ܘ ܘ Waw (Syriac)
ܙ ܙ Zain (Syriac)
ܚ ܚ Heth (Syriac)
ܛ ܛ Teth (Syriac)
ܜ ܜ Teth Garshuni (Syriac)
ܝ ܝ Yudh (Syriac)
ܞ ܞ Yudh He (Syriac)
ܟ ܟ Kaph (Syriac)
ܠ ܠ Lamadh (Syriac)
ܡ ܡ Mim (Syriac)
ܢ ܢ Nun (Syriac)
ܣ ܣ Semkath (Syriac)
ܤ ܤ Final Semkath (Syriac)
ܥ ܥ E (Syriac)
ܦ ܦ Pe (Syriac)
ܧ ܧ Reversed Pe (Syriac)
ܨ ܨ Sadhe (Syriac)
ܩ ܩ Qaph (Syriac)
ܪ ܪ Rish (Syriac)
ܫ ܫ Shin (Syriac)
ܬ ܬ Taw (Syriac)
ܰ ܰ Pthaha Above (Syriac)
ހ ހ Haa (Thaana)
ށ ށ Shaviyani (Thaana)
ނ ނ Noonu (Thaana)
ރ ރ Raa (Thaana)
ބ ބ Baa (Thaana)
ޅ ޅ Lhaviyani (Thaana)
ކ ކ Kaafu (Thaana)
އ އ Alifu (Thaana)
ވ ވ Vaavu Left (Thaana)
މ މ Meemu Right (Thaana)
ފ ފ Letter (Thaana)
ދ ދ Dhaalu (Thaana)
ތ ތ Thaa (Thaana)
ލ ލ Laamu (Thaana)
ގ ގ Gaafu (Thaana)
ޏ ޏ Gnaviyani (Thaana)
ސ ސ Seenu (Thaana)
ޑ ޑ Daviyani (Thaana)
ޒ ޒ Zaviyani (Thaana)
ޓ ޓ Taviyani (Thaana)
ޔ ޔ Yaa (Thaana)
ޕ ޕ Paviyani Rish (Thaana)
ޖ ޖ Javiyani (Thaana)
ޗ ޗ Chaviyani (Thaana)
ޘ ޘ Ttaa (Thaana)
ޙ ޙ Hhaa (Thaana)
ޚ ޚ Khaa (Thaana)
ޛ ޛ Thaalu (Thaana)
ޜ ޜ Zaa (Thaana)
ޝ ޝ Sheenu (Thaana)
ޞ ޞ Saadhu (Thaana)
ޟ ޟ Daadhu (Thaana)
ޠ ޠ To (Thaana)
ޡ ޡ Zo (Thaana)
ޢ ޢ Ainu (Thaana)
ޣ ޣ Ghainu (Thaana)
ޤ ޤ Qaafu (Thaana)
ޥ ޥ Waavu (Thaana)
ަ ަ Abafili (Thaana)
ޱ ޱ Naa (Thaana)
अ अ Letter A (Devanagari)
आ आ Letter Aa (Devanagari)
इ इ Letter I (Devanagari)
ई ई Letter Ii (Devanagari)
उ उ Letter U (Devanagari)
ऊ ऊ Letter Uu (Devanagari)
ऋ ऋ Letter Vocalic R (Devanagari)
ऌ ऌ Letter Vocalic L (Devanagari)
ऍ ऍ Letter Candra E (Devanagari)
ऎ ऎ Letter Short E (Devanagari)
ए ए Letter E (Devanagari)
ऐ ऐ Letter Ai (Devanagari)
ऑ ऑ Letter Candra O (Devanagari)
ऒ ऒ Letter Short O (Devanagari)
ओ ओ Letter O (Devanagari)
औ औ Letter Au (Devanagari)
क क Letter Ka (Devanagari)
ख ख Letter Kha (Devanagari)
ग ग Letter Ga (Devanagari)
घ घ Letter Gha (Devanagari)
ङ ङ Letter Nga (Devanagari)
च च Letter Ca (Devanagari)
छ छ Letter Cha (Devanagari)
ज ज Letter Ja (Devanagari)
झ झ Letter Jha (Devanagari)
ञ ञ Letter Nya (Devanagari)
ट ट Letter Tta (Devanagari)
ठ ठ Letter Ttha (Devanagari)
ड ड Letter Dda (Devanagari)
ढ ढ Letter Ddha (Devanagari)
ण ण Letter Nna (Devanagari)
त त Letter Ta (Devanagari)
थ थ Letter Tha (Devanagari)
द द Letter Da (Devanagari)
ध ध Letter Dha (Devanagari)
न न Letter Na (Devanagari)
ऩ ऩ Letter Nnna (Devanagari)
प प Letter Pa (Devanagari)
फ फ Letter Pha (Devanagari)
ब ब Letter Ba (Devanagari)
भ भ Letter Bha (Devanagari)
म म Letter Ma (Devanagari)
य य Letter Ya (Devanagari)
र र Letter Ra (Devanagari)
ऱ ऱ Letter Rra (Devanagari)
ल ल Letter La (Devanagari)
ळ ळ Letter Lla (Devanagari)
ऴ ऴ Letter Llla (Devanagari)
व व Letter Va (Devanagari)
श श Letter Sha (Devanagari)
ष ष Letter Ssa (Devanagari)
स स Letter Sa (Devanagari)
ह ह Letter Ha (Devanagari)
ऽ ऽ Avagraha (Devanagari)
ॐ ॐ Om (Devanagari)
क़ क़ Letter Qa (Devanagari)
ख़ ख़ Letter Khha (Devanagari)
ग़ ग़ Letter Ghha (Devanagari)
ज़ ज़ Letter Za (Devanagari)
ड़ ड़ Letter Dddha (Devanagari)
ढ़ ढ़ Letter Rha (Devanagari)
फ़ फ़ Letter Fa (Devanagari)
य़ य़ Letter Yya (Devanagari)
ॠ ॠ Letter Vocalic Rr (Devanagari)
ॡ ॡ Letter Vocalic Ll (Devanagari)
। । Danda (Devanagari)
॥ ॥ Double Danda (Devanagari)
० ० Zero (Devanagari)
१ १ One (Devanagari)
२ २ Two (Devanagari)
३ ३ Three (Devanagari)
४ ४ Four (Devanagari)
५ ५ Five (Devanagari)
६ ६ Six (Devanagari)
७ ७ Seven (Devanagari)
८ ८ Eight (Devanagari)
९ ९ Nine (Devanagari)
॰ ॰ Abbreviation Sign (Devanagari)
ਅ ਅ Letter A (Gurmukhi)
ਆ ਆ Letter Aa (Gurmukhi)
ਇ ਇ Letter I (Gurmukhi)
ਈ ਈ Letter Ii (Gurmukhi)
ਉ ਉ Letter U (Gurmukhi)
ਊ ਊ Letter Uu (Gurmukhi)
ਏ ਏ Letter Ee (Gurmukhi)
ਐ ਐ Letter Ai (Gurmukhi)
ਓ ਓ Letter Oo (Gurmukhi)
ਔ ਔ Letter Au (Gurmukhi)
ਕ ਕ Letter Ka (Gurmukhi)
ਖ ਖ Letter Kha (Gurmukhi)
ਗ ਗ Letter Ga (Gurmukhi)
ਘ ਘ Letter Gha (Gurmukhi)
ਙ ਙ Letter Nga (Gurmukhi)
ਚ ਚ Letter Ca (Gurmukhi)
ਛ ਛ Letter Cha (Gurmukhi)
ਜ ਜ Letter Ja (Gurmukhi)
ਝ ਝ Letter Jha (Gurmukhi)
ਞ ਞ Letter Nya (Gurmukhi)
ਟ ਟ Letter Tta (Gurmukhi)
ਠ ਠ Letter Ttha (Gurmukhi)
ਡ ਡ Letter Dda (Gurmukhi)
ਢ ਢ Letter Ddha (Gurmukhi)
ਣ ਣ Letter Nna (Gurmukhi)
ਤ ਤ Letter Ta (Gurmukhi)
ਥ ਥ Letter Tha (Gurmukhi)
ਦ ਦ Letter Da (Gurmukhi)
ਧ ਧ Letter Dha (Gurmukhi)
ਨ ਨ Letter Na (Gurmukhi)
ਪ ਪ Letter Pa (Gurmukhi)
ਫ ਫ Letter Pha (Gurmukhi)
ਬ ਬ Letter Ba (Gurmukhi)
ਭ ਭ Letter Bha (Gurmukhi)
ਮ ਮ Letter Ma (Gurmukhi)
ਯ ਯ Letter Ya (Gurmukhi)
ਰ ਰ Letter Ra (Gurmukhi)
ਲ ਲ Letter La (Gurmukhi)
ਲ਼ ਲ਼ Letter Lla (Gurmukhi)
ਵ ਵ Letter Va (Gurmukhi)
ਸ਼ ਸ਼ Letter Sha (Gurmukhi)
ਸ ਸ Letter Sa (Gurmukhi)
ਹ ਹ Letter Ha (Gurmukhi)
ਖ਼ ਖ਼ Khha (Gurmukhi)
ਗ਼ ਗ਼ Ghha (Gurmukhi)
ਜ਼ ਜ਼ Letter Za (Gurmukhi)
ੜ ੜ Letter Rra (Gurmukhi)
ਫ਼ ਫ਼ Letter Fa (Gurmukhi)
੦ ੦ Zero (Gurmukhi)
੧ ੧ One (Gurmukhi)
੨ ੨ Two (Gurmukhi)
੩ ੩ Three (Gurmukhi)
੪ ੪ Four (Gurmukhi)
੫ ੫ Five (Gurmukhi)
੬ ੬ Six (Gurmukhi)
੭ ੭ Seven (Gurmukhi)
੮ ੮ Eight (Gurmukhi)
੯ ੯ Nine (Gurmukhi)
ੲ ੲ Iri (Gurmukhi)
ੳ ੳ Ura (Gurmukhi)
ੴ ੴ Ek Onkar (Gurmukhi)
અ અ Letter A (Gujarati)
આ આ Letter Aa (Gujarati)
ઇ ઇ Letter I (Gujarati)
ઈ ઈ Letter Ii (Gujarati)
ઉ ઉ Letter U (Gujarati)
ઊ ઊ Letter Uu (Gujarati)
ઋ ઋ Letter Vocalic R (Gujarati)
ઌ ઌ Letter Vocalic L (Gujarati)
ઍ ઍ Vowel Candra E (Gujarati)
એ એ Letter E (Gujarati)
ઐ ઐ Letter Ai (Gujarati)
ઑ ઑ Vowel Candra O (Gujarati)
ઓ ઓ Letter O (Gujarati)
ઔ ઔ Letter Au (Gujarati)
ક ક Letter Ka (Gujarati)
ખ ખ Letter Kha (Gujarati)
ગ ગ Letter Ga (Gujarati)
ઘ ઘ Letter Gha (Gujarati)
ઙ ઙ Letter Nga (Gujarati)
ચ ચ Letter Ca (Gujarati)
છ છ Letter Cha (Gujarati)
જ જ Letter Ja (Gujarati)
ઝ ઝ Letter Jha (Gujarati)
ઞ ઞ Letter Nya (Gujarati)
ટ ટ Letter Tta (Gujarati)
ઠ ઠ Letter Ttha (Gujarati)
ડ ડ Letter Dda (Gujarati)
ઢ ઢ Letter Ddha (Gujarati)
ણ ણ Letter Nna (Gujarati)
ત ત Letter Ta (Gujarati)
થ થ Letter Tha (Gujarati)
દ દ Letter Da (Gujarati)
ધ ધ Letter Dha (Gujarati)
ન ન Letter Na (Gujarati)
પ પ Letter Pa (Gujarati)
ફ ફ Letter Pha (Gujarati)
બ બ Letter Ba (Gujarati)
ભ ભ Letter Bha (Gujarati)
મ મ Letter Ma (Gujarati)
ય ય Letter Ya (Gujarati)
ર ર Letter Ra (Gujarati)
લ લ Letter La (Gujarati)
ળ ળ Letter Lla (Gujarati)
વ વ Letter Va (Gujarati)
શ શ Letter Sha (Gujarati)
ષ ષ Letter Ssa (Gujarati)
સ સ Letter Sa (Gujarati)
હ હ Letter Ha (Gujarati)
ઽ ઽ Avagraha (Gujarati)
ૐ ૐ Om (Gujarati)
ૠ ૠ Letter Vocalic Rr (Gujarati)
૦ ૦ Zero (Gujarati)
૧ ૧ One (Gujarati)
૨ ૨ Two (Gujarati)
૩ ૩ Three (Gujarati)
૪ ૪ Four (Gujarati)
૫ ૫ Five (Gujarati)
૬ ૬ Six (Gujarati)
૭ ૭ Seven (Gujarati)
૮ ૮ Eight (Gujarati)
૯ ૯ Nine (Gujarati)
அ அ A (Tamil)
ஆ ஆ Aa (Tamil)
இ இ I (Tamil)
ஈ ஈ Ii (Tamil)
உ உ U (Tamil)
ஊ ஊ Uu (Tamil)
எ எ E (Tamil)
ஏ ஏ Ee (Tamil)
ஐ ஐ Ai (Tamil)
ஒ ஒ O (Tamil)
ஓ ஓ Oo (Tamil)
ஔ ஔ Au (Tamil)
க க Ka (Tamil)
ங ங Nga (Tamil)
ச ச Ca (Tamil)
ஜ ஜ Ja (Tamil)
ஞ ஞ Nya (Tamil)
ட ட Tta (Tamil)
ண ண Nna (Tamil)
த த Ta (Tamil)
ந ந Na (Tamil)
ன ன Nnna (Tamil)
ப ப Pa (Tamil)
ம ம Ma (Tamil)
ய ய Ya (Tamil)
ர ர Ra (Tamil)
ற ற Rra (Tamil)
ல ல La (Tamil)
ள ள Lla (Tamil)
ழ ழ Llla (Tamil)
வ வ Va (Tamil)
ஷ ஷ Ssa (Tamil)
ஸ ஸ Sa (Tamil)
ஹ ஹ Ha (Tamil)
௧ ௧ One (Tamil)
௨ ௨ Two (Tamil)
௩ ௩ Three (Tamil)
௪ ௪ Four (Tamil)
௫ ௫ Five (Tamil)
௬ ௬ Six (Tamil)
௭ ௭ Seven (Tamil)
௮ ௮ Eight (Tamil)
௯ ௯ Nine (Tamil)
௰ ௰ Ten (Tamil)
௱ ௱ One Hundred (Tamil)
௲ ௲ One Thousand (Tamil)
అ అ A (Telugu)
ఆ ఆ Aa (Telugu)
ఇ ఇ I (Telugu)
ఈ ఈ Ii (Telugu)
ఉ ఉ U (Telugu)
ఊ ఊ Uu (Telugu)
ఋ ఋ Vocalic R (Telugu)
ఌ ఌ Vocalic L (Telugu)
ఎ ఎ E (Telugu)
ఏ ఏ Ee (Telugu)
ఐ ఐ Ai (Telugu)
ఒ ఒ O (Telugu)
ఓ ఓ Oo (Telugu)
ఔ ఔ Au (Telugu)
క క Ka (Telugu)
ఖ ఖ Kha (Telugu)
గ గ Ga (Telugu)
ఘ ఘ Gha (Telugu)
ఙ ఙ Nga (Telugu)
చ చ Ca (Telugu)
ఛ ఛ Cha (Telugu)
జ జ Ja (Telugu)
ఝ ఝ Jha (Telugu)
ఞ ఞ Nya (Telugu)
ట ట Tta (Telugu)
ఠ ఠ Ttha (Telugu)
డ డ Dda (Telugu)
ఢ ఢ Ddha (Telugu)
ణ ణ Nna (Telugu)
త త Ta (Telugu)
థ థ Tha (Telugu)
ద ద Da (Telugu)
ధ ధ Dha (Telugu)
న న Na (Telugu)
ప ప Pa (Telugu)
ఫ ఫ Pha (Telugu)
బ బ Ba (Telugu)
భ భ Bha (Telugu)
మ మ Ma (Telugu)
య య Ya (Telugu)
ర ర Ra (Telugu)
ఱ ఱ Rra (Telugu)
ల ల La (Telugu)
ళ ళ Lla (Telugu)
వ వ Va (Telugu)
శ శ Sha (Telugu)
ష ష Ssa (Telugu)
స స Sa (Telugu)
హ హ Ha (Telugu)
ౠ ౠ Vocalic Rr (Telugu)
ౡ ౡ Vocalic Ll (Telugu)
౦ ౦ Zero (Telugu)
౧ ౧ One (Telugu)
౨ ౨ Two (Telugu)
౩ ౩ Three (Telugu)
౪ ౪ Four (Telugu)
౫ ౫ Five (Telugu)
౬ ౬ Six (Telugu)
౭ ౭ Seven (Telugu)
౮ ౮ Eight (Telugu)
౯ ౯ Nine (Telugu)
ಅ ಅ Letter A (Kannada)
ಆ ಆ Letter Aa (Kannada)
ಇ ಇ Letter I (Kannada)
ಈ ಈ Letter Ii (Kannada)
ಉ ಉ Letter U (Kannada)
ಊ ಊ Letter Uu (Kannada)
ಋ ಋ Letter Vocalic R (Kannada)
ಌ ಌ Letter Vocalic L (Kannada)
ಎ ಎ Letter E (Kannada)
ಏ ಏ Letter Ee (Kannada)
ಐ ಐ Letter Ai (Kannada)
ಒ ಒ Letter O (Kannada)
ಓ ಓ Letter Oo (Kannada)
ಔ ಔ Letter Au (Kannada)
ಕ ಕ Letter Ka (Kannada)
ಖ ಖ Letter Kha (Kannada)
ಗ ಗ Letter Ga (Kannada)
ಘ ಘ Letter Gha (Kannada)
ಙ ಙ Letter Nga (Kannada)
ಚ ಚ Letter Ca (Kannada)
ಛ ಛ Letter Cha (Kannada)
ಜ ಜ Letter Ja (Kannada)
ಝ ಝ Letter Jha (Kannada)
ಞ ಞ Letter Nya (Kannada)
ಟ ಟ Letter Tta (Kannada)
ಠ ಠ Letter Ttha (Kannada)
ಡ ಡ Letter Dda (Kannada)
ಢ ಢ Letter Ddha (Kannada)
ಣ ಣ Letter Nna (Kannada)
ತ ತ Letter Ta (Kannada)
ಥ ಥ Letter Tha (Kannada)
ದ ದ Letter Da (Kannada)
ಧ ಧ Letter Dha (Kannada)
ನ ನ Letter Na (Kannada)
ಪ ಪ Letter Pa (Kannada)
ಫ ಫ Letter Pha (Kannada)
ಬ ಬ Letter Ba (Kannada)
ಭ ಭ Letter Bha (Kannada)
ಮ ಮ Letter Ma (Kannada)
ಯ ಯ Letter Ya (Kannada)
ರ ರ Letter Ra (Kannada)
ಱ ಱ Letter Rra (Kannada)
ಲ ಲ Letter La (Kannada)
ಳ ಳ Letter Lla (Kannada)
ವ ವ Letter Va (Kannada)
ಶ ಶ Letter Sha (Kannada)
ಷ ಷ Letter Ssa (Kannada)
ಸ ಸ Letter Sa (Kannada)
ಹ ಹ Letter Ha (Kannada)
ೞ ೞ Letter Fa (Kannada)
ೠ ೠ Letter Vocalic Rr (Kannada)
ೡ ೡ Letter Vocalic Ll (Kannada)
೦ ೦ Zero (Kannada)
೧ ೧ One (Kannada)
೨ ೨ Two (Kannada)
೩ ೩ Three (Kannada)
೪ ೪ Four (Kannada)
೫ ೫ Five (Kannada)
೬ ೬ Six (Kannada)
೭ ೭ Seven (Kannada)
೮ ೮ Eight (Kannada)
೯ ೯ Nine (Kannada)
ก ก Ko Kai (Thai)
ข ข Kho Khai (Thai)
ฃ ฃ Kho Khuat (Thai)
ค ค Kho Khwai (Thai)
ฅ ฅ Kho Khon (Thai)
ฆ ฆ Kho Rakhang (Thai)
ง ง Ngo Ngu (Thai)
จ จ Cho Chan (Thai)
ฉ ฉ Cho Ching (Thai)
ช ช Cho Chang (Thai)
ซ ซ So So (Thai)
ฌ ฌ Cho Choe (Thai)
ญ ญ Yo Ying (Thai)
ฎ ฎ Do Chada (Thai)
ฏ ฏ To Patak (Thai)
ฐ ฐ Tho Than (Thai)
ฑ ฑ Tho Nangmontho (Thai)
ฒ ฒ Tho Phuthao (Thai)
ณ ณ No Nen (Thai)
ด ด Do Dek (Thai)
ต ต To Tao (Thai)
ถ ถ Tho Thung (Thai)
ท ท Tho Thahan (Thai)
ธ ธ Tho Thong (Thai)
น น No Nu (Thai)
บ บ Bo Baimai (Thai)
ป ป Po Pla (Thai)
ผ ผ Pho Phung (Thai)
ฝ ฝ Fo Fa (Thai)
พ พ Pho Phan (Thai)
ฟ ฟ Fo Fan (Thai)
ภ ภ Pho Samphao (Thai)
ม ม Mo Ma (Thai)
ย ย Yo Yak (Thai)
ร ร Ro Rua (Thai)
ฤ ฤ Ru (Thai)
ล ล Lo Ling (Thai)
ฦ ฦ Lu (Thai)
ว ว Wo Waen (Thai)
ศ ศ So Sala (Thai)
ษ ษ So Rusi (Thai)
ส ส So Sua (Thai)
ห ห Ho Hip (Thai)
ฬ ฬ Lo Chula (Thai)
อ อ O Ang (Thai)
ฮ ฮ Ho Nokhuk (Thai)
ฯ ฯ Paiyannoi (Thai)
ะ ะ Sara A (Thai)
ั ั Mai Han-Akat (Thai)
า า Sara Aa (Thai)
ำ ำ Sara Am (Thai)
ิ ิ Sara I (Thai)
ี ี Sara Ii (Thai)
ึ ึ Sara Ue (Thai)
ื ื Sara Uee (Thai)
ุ ุ Sara U (Thai)
ู ู Sara Uu (Thai)
ฺ ฺ Phinthu (Thai)
฿ ฿ Baht (Thai)
เ เ Sara E (Thai)
แ แ Sara Ae (Thai)
โ โ Sara O (Thai)
ใ ใ Sara Ai Maimuan (Thai)
ไ ไ Sara Ai Maimalai (Thai)
ๅ ๅ Lakkhangyao (Thai)
ๆ ๆ Maiyamok (Thai)
็ ็ Maitaikhu (Thai)
่ ่ Mai Ek (Thai)
้ ้ Mai Tho (Thai)
๊ ๊ Mai Tri (Thai)
๋ ๋ Mai Chattawa (Thai)
์ ์ Thanthakhat (Thai)
ํ ํ Nikhahit (Thai)
๎ ๎ Yamakkan (Thai)
๏ ๏ Fongman (Thai)
๐ ๐ Zero (Thai)
๑ ๑ One (Thai)
๒ ๒ Two (Thai)
๓ ๓ Three (Thai)
๔ ๔ Four (Thai)
๕ ๕ Five (Thai)
๖ ๖ Six (Thai)
๗ ๗ Seven (Thai)
๘ ๘ Eight (Thai)
๙ ๙ Nine (Thai)
๚ ๚ Angkhankhu (Thai)
๛ ๛ Khomut (Thai)
ა ა an (Georgian)
ბ ბ ban (Georgian)
გ გ gan (Georgian)
დ დ don (Georgian)
ე ე en (Georgian)
ვ ვ vin (Georgian)
ზ ზ zen (Georgian)
თ თ tan (Georgian)
ი ი in (Georgian)
კ კ kan (Georgian)
ლ ლ las (Georgian)
მ მ man (Georgian)
ნ ნ nar (Georgian)
ო ო on (Georgian)
პ პ par (Georgian)
ჟ ჟ zhar (Georgian)
რ რ rae (Georgian)
ს ს san (Georgian)
ტ ტ tar (Georgian)
უ უ un (Georgian)
ფ ფ phar (Georgian)
ქ ქ khar (Georgian)
ღ ღ ghan (Georgian)
ყ ყ qar (Georgian)
შ შ shin (Georgian)
ჩ ჩ chin (Georgian)
ც ც can (Georgian)
ძ ძ jil (Georgian)
წ წ cil (Georgian)
ჭ ჭ char (Georgian)
ხ ხ xan (Georgian)
ჯ ჯ jhan (Georgian)
ჰ ჰ hae (Georgian)
ჱ ჱ he (Georgian)
ჲ ჲ hie (Georgian)
ჳ ჳ we (Georgian)
ჴ ჴ har (Georgian)
ჵ ჵ hoe (Georgian)
ჶ ჶ fi (Georgian)
჻ ჻ Paragraph Separator (Georgian)
Ẁ Ẁ W grave
ẁ ẁ w grave
Ẃ Ẃ W accent
ẃ ẃ w accent
Ẅ Ẅ W diaerisis
ẅ ẅ w diaerisis
Ạ Ạ A underdot
ạ ạ a underdot
Ả Ả A hook
ả ả a hook
Ấ Ấ A circumflex acute
ấ ấ a circumflex acute
Ầ Ầ A circumflex grave
ầ ầ a circumflex grave
Ẩ Ẩ A circumflex hook
ẩ ẩ a circumflex hook
Ẫ Ẫ A circumflex tilde
ẫ ẫ a circumflex tilde
Ậ Ậ A circumflex underdot
ậ ậ a circumflex underdot
Ắ Ắ A breve acute
ắ ắ a breve acute
Ằ Ằ A breve grave
ằ ằ a breve grave
Ẳ Ẳ A breve hook
ẳ ẳ a breve hook
Ẵ Ẵ A breve tilde
ẵ ẵ a breve tilde
Ặ Ặ A breve underdot
ặ ặ a breve underdot
Ẹ Ẹ E underdot
ẹ ẹ e underdot
Ẻ Ẻ E hook
ẻ ẻ e hook
Ẽ Ẽ E tilde
ẽ ẽ e tilde
Ế Ế E circumflex acute
ế ế e circumflex acute
Ề Ề E circumflex grave
ề ề e circumflex grave
Ể Ể E circumflex hook
ể ể e circumflex hook
Ễ Ễ E circumflex tilde
ễ ễ e circumflex tilde
Ệ Ệ E circumflex underdot
ệ ệ e circumflex underdot
Ỉ Ỉ I hook
ỉ ỉ i hook
Ị Ị I underdot
ị ị i underdot
Ọ Ọ O underdot
ọ ọ o underdot
Ỏ Ỏ O hook
ỏ ỏ o hook
Ố Ố O circumflex acute
ố ố o circumflex acute
Ồ Ồ O circumflex grave
ồ ồ o circumflex grave
Ổ Ổ O circumflex hook
ổ ổ o circumflex hook
Ỗ Ỗ O circumflex tilde
ỗ ỗ o circumflex tilde
Ộ Ộ O circumflex underdot
ộ ộ o circumflex underdot
Ớ Ớ O horn acute
ớ ớ o horn acute
Ờ Ờ O horn grave
ờ ờ o horn grave
Ở Ở O horn hook
ở ở o horn hook
Ỡ Ỡ O horn tilde
ỡ ỡ o horn tilde
Ợ Ợ O horn underdot
ợ ợ o horn underdot
Ụ Ụ U underdot
ụ ụ u underdot
Ủ Ủ U hook
ủ ủ u hook
Ứ Ứ U horn acute
ứ ứ u horn acute
Ừ Ừ U horn grave
ừ ừ u horn grave
Ử Ử U horn hook
ử ử u horn hook
Ữ Ữ U horn tilde
ữ ữ u horn tilde
Ự Ự U horn underdot
ự ự u horn underdot
Ỳ Ỳ Y grave
ỳ ỳ y grave
Ỵ Ỵ Y underdot
ỵ ỵ y underdot
Ỷ Ỷ Y hook
ỷ ỷ y hook
Ỹ Ỹ Y tilde
ỹ ỹ y tilde
‌ * Zero Width Non-Joiner
‍ * Zero Width Joiner
‑ ‑ hyphen
– – en dash
— — em dash
― ― bold em dash
‗ ‗ double underline
‘ ‘ single open quote
’ ’ single close quote
‚ ‚ comma
‛ ‛ single quote inverted
“ “ double open quote
” ” double close quote
„ „ double comma
† † dagger
‡ ‡ double dagger
• • bullet
… … ellipses
‰ ‰ per hundred
′ ′ prime
″ ″ double prime
‹ ‹ left angle bracket
› › right angle bracket
‼ ‼ double exclamation
‾ ‾ overline
⁰ ⁰ superscript 0
⁴ ⁴ superscript 4
⁵ ⁵ superscript 5
⁶ ⁶ superscript 6
⁷ ⁷ superscript 7
⁸ ⁸ superscript 8
⁹ ⁹ superscript 9
ⁿ ⁿ superscript n
₣ ₣ French Franc
₤ ₤ Lira
₧ ₧ Peseta
₪ ₪ New Shekel
₫ ₫ Dong
€ € Euro
℅ ℅ care of
ℏ ℏ Planck's over 2pi
ℑ ℑ blackletter capital I = imaginary part symbol
ℒ ℒ LaGrange
ℓ ℓ small script l (radix)
№ № Numero (Cyrillic)
℘ ℘ Weirstrass P
ℜ ℜ blackletter capital R = real part symbol
℞ ℞ Rx
℠ ℠ Service Mark
™ ™ Trademark
Ω Ω Omega
ℨ ℨ Black-Letter Capital Z
ℭ ℭ Black-Letter Capital C
℮ ℮ Estimated Symbol
ℯ ℯ Script Small E
ℵ ℵ Alef
ℶ ℶ Beis
ℷ ℷ Gimmel
⅛ ⅛ vulgar fraction one-eigth
⅜ ⅜ vulgar fraction three-eigths
⅝ ⅝ vulgar fraction five-eigths
⅞ ⅞ vulgar fraction seven-eigths
← ← left arrow
↑ ↑ up arrow
→ → right arrow
↓ ↓ down arrow
↔ ↔ left-right arrow
↕ ↕ up-down arrow
↖ ↖ up left arrow
↗ ↗ up right arrow
↘ ↘ down right arrow
↙ ↙ down left arrow
↨ ↨ Up down arrow with floor
↵ ↵ Enter (return)
⇄ ⇄ right over left arrow
⇆ ⇆ left over right arrow
⇐ ⇐ left double arrow
⇑ ⇑ up double arrow
⇒ ⇒ right double arrow
⇓ ⇓ down double arrow
⇔ ⇔ left-right double arrow
⇕ ⇕ up-down double arrow
∀ ∀ For All
∂ ∂ Partial differential
∃ ∃ There Exists
∅ ∅ empty set
∆ ∆ delta (change)
∇ ∇ nabla (Hamiltonian Operator)
∈ ∈ element of
∉ ∉ not an element of
∋ ∋ contains as a member
∍ ∍ contains as a member
∏ ∏ n-ary product
∑ ∑ n-ary sum
− − minus
∓ ∓ minus-plus
∕ ∕ slash
∗ ∗ asterix
∘ ∘ composite
∙ ∙ dot
√ √ radical sign
∝ ∝ in proportion to
∞ ∞ infinity
∟ ∟ right angle
∠ ∠ angle
∣ ∣ vertical bar
∥ ∥ double vertical bar
∧ ∧ .AND.
∨ ∨ .OR.
∩ ∩ Intersection
∪ ∪ Union
∫ ∫ Integral
∮ ∮ contour integral
∴ ∴ Therefore (Thus)
∵ ∵ Because of
∷ ∷ Proportion
≃ ≃ similar,equals
≅ ≅ congruent with
≈ ≈ approximately equal
≠ ≠ not equal to
≡ ≡ identical with
≢ ≢ not identical with
≤ ≤ less than or equal to
≥ ≥ greater than or equal to
≪ ≪ much less than
≫ ≫ much greater than
⊂ ⊂ subset
⊃ ⊃ superset
⊄ ⊄ not subset
⊅ ⊅ not superset
⊆ ⊆ subset, equals
⊇ ⊇ superset equals
⊕ ⊕ plus in circle (direct sum)
⊖ ⊖ minus in circle
⊗ ⊗ multiply in circle (vector product)
⊘ ⊘ divide in circle (slash)
⊙ ⊙ dot in circle
⊢ ⊢ right T
⊣ ⊣ left T
⊤ ⊤ T
⊥ ⊥ perpendicular (upside down T)
⊻ ⊻ Xor
⌂ ⌂ House
⌐ ⌐ Reversed not sign
⌠ ⌠ Top of integral
⌡ ⌡ Bottom of Integral
〈 〈 Left angle bracket
〉 〉 Right Angle Bracket
─ ─ Box drawing graphics
│ │ Box drawing graphics
┌ ┌ Box drawing graphics
┐ ┐ Box drawing graphics
└ └ Box drawing graphics
┘ ┘ Box drawing graphics
├ ├ Box drawing graphics
┤ ┤ Box drawing graphics
┬ ┬ Box drawing graphics
┴ ┴ Box drawing graphics
┼ ┼ Box drawing graphics
═ ═ Box drawing graphics
║ ║ Box drawing graphics
╒ ╒ Box drawing graphics
╓ ╓ Box drawing graphics
╔ ╔ Box drawing graphics
╕ ╕ Box drawing graphics
╖ ╖ Box drawing graphics
╗ ╗ Box drawing graphics
╘ ╘ Box drawing graphics
╙ ╙ Box drawing graphics
╚ ╚ Box drawing graphics
╛ ╛ Box drawing graphics
╜ ╜ Box drawing graphics
╝ ╝ Box drawing graphics
╞ ╞ Box drawing graphics
╟ ╟ Box drawing graphics
╠ ╠ Box drawing graphics
╡ ╡ Box drawing graphics
╢ ╢ Box drawing graphics
╣ ╣ Box drawing graphics
╤ ╤ Box drawing graphics
╥ ╥ Box drawing graphics
╦ ╦ Box drawing graphics
╧ ╧ Box drawing graphics
╨ ╨ Box drawing graphics
╩ ╩ Box drawing graphics
╪ ╪ Box drawing graphics
╫ ╫ Box drawing graphics
╬ ╬ Box drawing graphics
╭ ╭ Box drawing graphics
╮ ╮ Box drawing graphics
╯ ╯ Box drawing graphics
╰ ╰ Box drawing graphics
▀ ▀ Top half block
▄ ▄ Bottom half block
█ █ Full Block
▌ ▌ Left half block
▐ ▐ Right half block
░ ░ Light Shade
▒ ▒ Medium Shade
▓ ▓ Dark Shade
■ ■ Black Square
□ □ White Square
▪ ▪ Balck small square
▫ ▫ White small square
▬ ▬ Black Rectangle
▲ ▲ Black up triangle
▵ ▵ White up triangle
▹ ▹ White right triangle
► ► Black right triangle
▼ ▼ Black down triangle
▿ ▿ White down triangle
◃ ◃ White left triangle
◄ ◄ Black left triangle
◆ ◆ Black Diamond
◇ ◇ White Diamond
◊ ◊ White Lozenge
● ● Black Circle
◘ ◘ Inverse Bullet
◙ ◙ Inverse Circle
◦ ◦ White Bullet
☺ ☺ White Smiley
☻ ☻ Black Smiley
☼ ☼ White Sun
♀ ♀ Female
♂ ♂ Male
♠ ♠ Spades
♣ ♣ Clubs
♥ ♥ Hearts
♦ ♦ Diamonds
♪ ♪ Eighth-note
♫ ♫ Double eighth note
All scientists defer only to physicists
Physicists defer only to mathematicians
Mathematicians defer only to G-d!

--with apologies to Dr. Leon Lederman

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