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Old 12-10-2019, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by LifeIsAPoissonProcess View Post
Does Scotty know about that?
I can tell you something he doesn't know
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Old 12-12-2019, 11:04 AM
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Mixed performance on the 2019 goals. Need to add more savings, more debt payoff, and cut back on wasteful eating out, I want us to be healthier, and eating takeout because weíre exhausted/lazy isnít going to get us there.

Goals for 2020 are nearly identical to 2019 goals, since I didnít achieve them all.

1) Max HSA - 7,100, set via payroll deduction, will happen. Do catchup HSA contribution for spouse Ė 1,000, this will happen as well. Try not to spend any out of account, pay everything OOP, less likely, particularly since we expect to hit max OOP in January/February based off pharmacy spend (hospitals take payment plans, pharmacies donít ).

2) More retirement savings - 41,000 (same goal as 2019, I thought about increasing it, but paying down debt is higher priority to me, since I will definitely hit at least 40k, and that's not a terrible number)

3) Pay down debt across various obligations - 30,000 (higher goal than 2019)

4) Donít go broke with three kidsí tuition (yay for the oldest graduating in December 2019 keeping us from having 4 in college in the same year). Maybe stop being such a stickler on cash flowing tuition, and take small loans to make the pain extend into the future a few years, but be less acutely sensitive to the cash outflow in the current year. This could be immensely helped by the baby winning a full ride scholarship (room and board included, plus money for study abroad) that sheís made the first (giant) cut for. Interview in January, then another cut, then second interviews, then awards, so will know by mid-March.

5) Donít go broke with making sure the baby has the best senior year. A domestic trip can be just as memorable as an international one for spring break. Itís not the last vacation we will ever spend with her. Putting this here as a reminder for myself, more than as a financial goal.

6) Get healthier. Already started with getting a puppy in 2019 and walking daily, but need to adjust food habits. Adjusting food habits should save a bit of money, but probably won't change our total outflow since puppy has been stupid expensive, ~2.5k in vet bills in first 4 months we had him. This is what I get for picking the runt of the litter at the shelter, because I couldn't resist him . The last health scare was October, so hopefully we're now just in maintenance mode for his remaining health problems, which is less than $100 a month, much more manageable. Maybe not going broke due to the dog should have been another goal.
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Old 12-18-2019, 12:09 AM
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1. Finalize divorce
2. Furnish my new awesome apartment
3. Update my benny’s
4. Take my kids to see the Grand Canyon
5. Max out HSA
6. Max out 401k
7. Contribute $3280 to each kid’s 529 plan
8. Update my will
9. Take kids on an awesome summer vacation
10. Enjoy single life
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Old 01-03-2020, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by George Frankly View Post
I'm still trying to tease it all out.
  1. Max 401k, HSA, IRA
  2. At least $20k in the brokerage account - I'm hoping to take my whole annual raise and invest it here, which will give me a nice bump from the $17k I did in 2019
  3. $2k Lending Club - see my comment below on deferred comp, that's why this is going to be really small for 2020
  4. Invest at least 75% of equity that's vesting in 2020
  5. Throw an extra $3k on the mortgage
  6. I'm starting the deferred comp plan - 4% of salary and half of my bonus

That feels really scattered, I need to tighten that up.
All right, I moved a few things around. One thing is I realized we need to replace the HVAC this year, so I'm figuring $8k for that - my neighbor is an HVAC guy and says that's a good number.
  1. Max 401k, HSA
  2. At least $23k in the brokerage account
  3. $2k Lending Club, maybe less, I throw in $50/mo plus a few hundred here and there
  4. Invest 100% of equity that's vesting in 2020, less the HVAC thing
  5. Throw an extra $3k on the mortgage
  6. I'm starting the deferred comp plan - 4% of salary and half of my bonus

I stopped the IRA contribution and diverted those funds to brokerage. I know there is some downside here wrt taxes, and I could probably work out an IRA ladder, but this is more flexible. Someone tell me if this is too crazy.

If I include the principal payments to the mortgage as part of my savings %, I'll be at 57% for 2020. I just did the final math on 2019 and it was 47%, the equity starting to vest this year is driving the movement upwards.
Originally Posted by NerdAlert View Post
Butt-chugging seems like the best solution.
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