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Old 04-06-2018, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Egghead View Post
But my run-of-the-mill watching on Dish Network looks pretty awful. I realize, a big part of that problem is the move from 55" to 65". So all flaws that were there before are literally magnified. Not only is there a difference in resolution vs the stuff I can see through streaming, but Dish apparently compresses the signal badly.
It could be more than just the excessive compression. Many 4K TVs, AV receivers and other 4K devices will use smooth scaling when upscaling from 720p or 1080p to 4K, which often gives a blurrier picture than simply doubling or tripling the pixels in each dimension.

The device might give you a choice of upscaling algorithm; "nearest neighbor" will do simple doubling or tripling when each dimension of the target resolution is double or triple the original resolution.
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Old 04-08-2018, 10:11 PM
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Things are getting better. A few things I've learned:

* Folks on avsforums are obsessed with getting the most accurate picture possible. Similar to how audiophiles want a flat frequency response curve. Well, I don't always want the most accurate. Similar to how I like added bass (and treble) for my music, I like a little more "punch" to the color vividness on my TV, and some added brightness. So I used recommendations from some non-videophiles online, and suddenly things look a good bit better ... to me. Now, I didn't go so far as to use the "Vivid" picture settings, which truly are overkill. I'd say I'm somewhere roughly halfway in between accurate and Vivid.

* Sony issued a firmware update to help with elevated black levels when running Dolby Vision through HDMI, such as from my Apple TV. When the firmware didn't make much of a difference, I poked around and realized that my Apple TV wasn't passing through Dolby Vision, because it said my HDMI cable was insufficient. Magically, they had a $30 cable I could buy at the Apple Store, and now my Dolby Vision movies look awesome from the Apple TV. Leave it to Apple to find a way to make you spend an extra $30 for something that probably cost them $2 or less.

* I'm not sure exactly what change in my picture settings did it, but my Dish programming doesn't look quite so crappy anymore. So I can live with it for the 22 remaining months.

Am I as blown away by this TV as I'd hoped? No. But I'm a lot closer.

I've ordered a "full motion articulating" wall mount. That should allow me to position the TV exactly where I want it. I also bought an accessory that will allow me to mount my sound bar directly below the TV (yes, connected to the wall mount). I'm strangely pumped about this possibility.
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