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Old 05-23-2017, 06:19 PM
gobucks gobucks is offline
Join Date: May 2017
College: The Ohio State University
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Default My experience studying for exam p

Hi all! This is my first post on AO but it helped me out sooo much studying for exam p so I figured I would attempt to contribute.

I took Exam P yesterday and passed (somehow!) Honestly, I think I got lucky and got a really easy exam. Only a couple of weird questions and everything else was very typical, nothing tricky, in my opinion. I felt better on the real exam than any of the practice exams I took. Ended up with 20 minutes after taking my time going through the exam and going back a few times, versus barely finished (with almost no time to go back to skipped questions) on PE's.

My preparation:

Four free TIA Exams. SOOOO helpful, especially the video solutions, just like what everyone else says. I found these harder than my actual exam. My scores were: 15, 15, 23, 17, 16. I found the 5th exam for free available through the CAS Student Central, which is free for students. The 5th exam was pretty hard for me, and CAS didn't provide solutions, so just be aware. I was pretty disappointed and stressed out about these scores I got back. The 23, which I felt good about because I was terrible at concentrating, was a legit score, so I knew I was capable of doing better if I focused and didn't panic.

SOA Questions. I only got through maybe the first 90 and some random questions, but these were helpful and great practice. There are a little over 300 now available directly through SOA now I believe. Sometimes the solutions can be lackluster, but you can always google the question too. The practice exam (timed) available on the website just pulls from their question bank, so it can be good testing experience, but going over all the questions non randomized for the PE is probably most helpful.

Guo's manual. I didn't take the practice exam, but reading through the manual (mostly skimming) was helpful and he has a lot of shortcuts. He also breaks down the concepts well. Wish I might have started with this manual.

ASM manual. Just skimmed through the concept material (no PE's) as a refresh of what I learned in my college course.

Mancinelli's Math Lab on Youtube. Great resource! Tips, working out problems slowly, and he also has FM videos. Also goes over a lot of must knows.

MSU practice exam. Not a bad resource, only used it twice. Got a 20-22 I believe.

Calculator: I bought the TI-30XS Multiview that everyone recommends about a week before my exam and used it for my exam, but I practiced a lot with the TI-30XIIS. I took both calculators in to my exam but only used the TI-30XS. Could have easily used the TI-30XIIS. Curiously, the prometric people didn't clear either calculator, but I didn't store anything intentionally. Hmm....

Overall experience:

I took an Intro to Mathematical Statistics class from my university and thought that would be enough to get me by. Boy, was I wrong. Sure, I got an A in the class, and the course ended a few weeks before my exam (so it was fresh material), but it wasn't taught like a direct prep for the exam like the study manuals you can get. My original exam date was May 16th, and I'm such a bad studier and panicked so much I paid $50 to get my testing date moved to May 22nd and I'm so glad I did. To my fellow college students: be more prepared than I was, don't think your college courses can get you through, and study hard. Probably turn your phone off like I should have. My PE scores were not impressive at all, and I don't think I got enough timed experience (since I'm a slow worker) so I probably got lucky, but we'll see what my score is in a few weeks!

Good luck to anyone studying for the exam!

VEE: Econ Finance Stats

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Old 05-23-2017, 06:30 PM
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Congrats. PM sent.
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Old 07-17-2017, 07:30 PM
gobucks gobucks is offline
Join Date: May 2017
College: The Ohio State University
Posts: 3

For anyone who cares: I got an 8, which I'm guessing means I got 24-27 questions right. God knows how. Maybe I got lucky lol.

VEE: Econ Finance Stats
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Old 10-31-2018, 12:26 AM
cmkashani cmkashani is offline
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College: SMC, Concordia, Touro College
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Thank you! this is really helpful?

Whats Guo's manual like?
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