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Old 10-19-2015, 08:35 PM
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Default Any audiophiles in here?

Probably a long shot, but what the hell.

I started doing car audio with my older brother when I was about 14, and got hooked. Throughout HS and college I did a lot of car audio builds, and then near the end of college I started doing home audio. Initially it was a Denon receiver and Klipsch speakers. Then I tried Magnepans and upgraded to an NAD integrated amp and CD player, and then some really nice Avance bookshelf speakers, which I still have. Bought a McIntosh pre-amp and amp at some point.

And then I got into DIY. I built a tower speaker (sort of like the Seas Thor) with a pair of 7" woofers and the matching Seas Millennium tweeter. And all was going pretty well.

But back in around 2010-2011 I started re-thinking high efficiency and, specifically, horns. In doing so, I also started re-thinking bass and the use of multiple subs. And after a lot of thinking, a few months back I started buying gear. So now I'm building a totally new setup.

I started with a pair of Dayton Audio 15" subs driven by a Crown amp, fed by a Behringer Feedback Destroyer that's basically a big EQ. And then a friend offered me an SVS sub for a great price, so I added that. Three subs.

Then I found some JBL 14" woofers (not subwoofers), they are JBL LE14H-1 if that means anything. I *think* I can run two per side, so that's four 14" woofers to handle 70Hz to 750Hz. And then for the treble I have some JBL horns with beryllium drivers (model 435Be, looking for the matching 045Be currently), really nice. All being fed by a signal processor to do all the crossover/EQ work (White Instruments Paramedic 26). And I have a measurement system with which to tune. For now it's all in really crappy cabinetry just to see if it'll work. Still have some dialing in to do, but it sounds great. It's got great dynamics, and it will get loud and sound great at high SPL, and those were the real goals.

Hoping at least a couple others are into audio at some level. Happy to answer any questions about the system, or audio in general. Like why use three subs, etc.
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