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Old 07-03-2016, 05:52 PM
cel5092 cel5092 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
College: Penn State Alumni
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Bump. I'm curious about that last question. What was the format for everyone's "informal" memo?
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Old 07-08-2016, 05:49 PM
noodlegirlcar noodlegirlcar is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 15

Maybe it's a little late, but to answer your first question it literally says under Task 1: "Do NOT submit this table as an Excel spreadsheet file. Submitting this table as an Excel file will be construed as an attempt to defeat the SOA's plagiarism scanning software and will result in an automatic disqualification of your submission."
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Old 12-19-2016, 02:12 AM
actuariallydelicious's Avatar
actuariallydelicious actuariallydelicious is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Studying for FA
College: UC Berkeley
Posts: 157

I MMR on the first three EOM on the first try. What I did was I referenced lots of sources.....books, media, website, journal show that I had put in sufficient time and dedicated work hours to the assignment. Each of my work is also super long around 20 pages.

I haven't submitted the EOM4. But I am thinking if you just do what they required with decent quality of work, they shall MMR you.
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Old 12-19-2016, 09:03 AM
Nyorky2428 Nyorky2428 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2012
College: Penn State Alum
Posts: 326

Originally Posted by actuariallydelicious View Post
just do what they required with decent quality of work, they shall MMR you.
The secret to passing all of the EOMs
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Old 12-19-2016, 09:51 AM
mmdarby mmdarby is offline
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Location: Birmingham, AL
Studying for Harambe
College: University of Alabama Alumni
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Posts: 118

I think I cited Segal once in Mod 4, and maybe again on the IA. Otherwise I just answered the questions they asked as directly as possible.

My submissions for all the modules (not counting IA & FA) totaled 35 pages. Being overly verbose and long-winded will actually hurt you. Especially when it comes to the FA.



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Old 12-19-2016, 01:47 PM
arto83 arto83 is online now
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My word count, where i MMR'd anyway, was as low as 1300 and 3 pages and as high as 2600 and 8 pages. Still waiting on 6 (1500/4) and almost done 7 (2000, and 4/5). My IA was 7500 words, so as long as you get the point across you are good.
I rarely quote sources or other sites.
When I MMR'd EOM4, i don't think i directly quoted segal at all. Definitley didn't mention his name.

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