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Old 07-07-2018, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by The Arbitrary View Post
Welcome back to Hall of Famer, Three-time champion (2009, 2014, & 2015), namesake of Week 3, and 10-year veteran, The Arbitrary (7). He is currently in second place on the all-time winning list with a record of 1412-887-5 (61.39%).

He has the Patriots riding their way to a 15-1 record, but the Lions' roar is nothing but a whimper of a meow at 2-14.

By entering before the July 17 Franchise Player Multiyear deadline you have received 2 Change One Future Pick awards. These may be used at anytime before the kickoff of the game to which they are applied. If you resubmit your entries, you will forfeit this award and your place in line.

The Arbitrary's Predicted Standings:
AFC East
Patriots   15  1
Dolphins    5 11
Bills       4 12
Jets        3 13

AFC North
Steelers   13  3
Ravens      4 12
Bengals     3 13
Browns      3 13

AFC South
Jaguars    12  4
Texans     12  4
Titans      7  9
Colts       3 13

AFC West
Raiders    12  4
Chargers   11  5
Chiefs     11  5
Broncos     8  8
NFC East
Eagles     14  2
Cowboys     6 10
Giants      6 10
Redskins    3 13

NFC North
Packers    13  3
Vikings    12  4
Bears       4 12
Lions       2 14

NFC South
Saints     14  2
Falcons    11  5
Panthers   10  6
Buccaneers  5 11

NFC West
Rams       14  2
49ers       7  9
Cardinals   5 11
Seahawks    4 12

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Old 07-12-2018, 11:54 AM
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Was I too top heavy in my selections? I have a team with 14 wins not getting a bye and an 11-5 team missing the playoffs.
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Old 07-12-2018, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by The Arbitrary View Post
Was I too top heavy in my selections? I have a team with 14 wins not getting a bye and an 11-5 team missing the playoffs.
Yup. Say hello to 3rd place all time
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Old 07-13-2018, 09:24 PM
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Looks like the Packers are going 16-0...

Are they serious? NFL Network wonders if Packers can go 16-0
  • July 13, 2018 - 11:45 AM

Welcome to the Friday edition of The Cooler, where today we seriously need to cool down one of the worst and hottest takes in a long time. Let’s go: *Former Packers wide receiver James Jones and former Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew were on NFL Network recently, and they got the ball rolling on this fairly ridiculous question: Can the Packers, if Aaron Rodgers is healthy, go 16-0 this year?

I mean, sure. Technically any team could run the table in any given season. It’s only happened twice in NFL history — and only once with a 16-0 team, and that was more than a decade ago.

And sure, a healthy Rodgers obviously makes a big difference on their team. But … clears throat … outside of Rodgers, are the Packers really even a good team? (No). Can he fully compensate for what was the 26th-ranked scoring defense in the NFL last year? (No). Is there much reason to believe the offensive line will be better this year? (No).

Have the Packers, even when Rodgers was healthy and even when they had better defenses, even approached a 16-0 season in the last six years? (No, the closest they got was 12-4, which is not close).

But there was Jones, checking off win after win. Jones-Drew joined in, and by the time they were done — at least temporarily — they had checked off 16 wins and zero losses. They eventually came to their senses and changed a few wins to losses — including Packers at Vikings in Week 12 — but really. Come on. Here’s the video:

Here’s the thing: With Rodgers healthy, the Vikings and Packers are co-favorites in the NFC North. It will probably take 11 (maybe 12) wins to claim the division. But neither is running the table. Not even close. And if I had to bet on one over the other, it would be the Vikings.

...or maybe not.
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Old 07-16-2018, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Kid Rock View Post
Yup. Say hello to 3rd place all time
I'm sorry, who is this? I can't find your name in the first post with the historical records...
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Old 08-02-2018, 09:40 AM
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Last chance for a COFP via preseason award...

Early entrants will receive a number of Change one future pick awards depending on how early your selections are made. The number of awards received will be based on a schedule:
Submit before [event, date & time] & receive n COFP awards.
Event                               Date & Time            n 
May 8 Tender deadline               05/08/2018 11:59 PM ET 4 
June 1 Tender deadline              06/01/2018 11:59 PM ET 3 
Franchise Player Multiyear deadline 07/16/2018 11:59 PM ET 2 
Hall of Fame Game                   08/02/2018 8:00 PM ET  1
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Old 08-02-2018, 04:22 PM
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Week 1 Falcons Eagles Eagles
Week 1 Bills Ravens Ravens
Week 1 Jaguars Giants Giants
Week 1 Buccaneers Saints Saints
Week 1 Texans Patriots Patriots
Week 1 49ers Vikings Vikings
Week 1 Titans Dolphins Titans
Week 1 Bengals Colts Colts
Week 1 Steelers Browns Steelers
Week 1 Chiefs Chargers Chargers
Week 1 Seahawks Broncos Broncos
Week 1 Cowboys Panthers Panthers
Week 1 Redskins Cardinals Cardinals
Week 1 Bears Packers Packers
Week 1 Jets Lions Lions
Week 1 Rams Raiders Raiders
Week 2 Ravens Bengals Bengals
Week 2 Panthers Falcons Falcons
Week 2 Colts Redskins Redskins
Week 2 Texans Titans Titans
Week 2 Eagles Buccaneers Eagles
Week 2 Chiefs Steelers Steelers
Week 2 Dolphins Jets Jets
Week 2 Chargers Bills Chargers
Week 2 Vikings Packers Packers
Week 2 Browns Saints Saints
Week 2 Lions 49ers 49ers
Week 2 Cardinals Rams Rams
Week 2 Patriots Jaguars Jaguars
Week 2 Raiders Broncos Broncos
Week 2 Giants Cowboys Cowboys
Week 2 Seahawks Bears Bears
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Jets Browns Browns
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Saints Falcons Falcons
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Packers Redskins Packers
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Colts Eagles Eagles
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Bills Vikings Vikings
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Raiders Dolphins Raiders
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Broncos Ravens Ravens
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Bengals Panthers Panthers
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Giants Texans Texans
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Titans Jaguars Jaguars
The Arbitrary's Week 3 49ers Chiefs Chiefs
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Chargers Rams Rams
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Cowboys Seahawks Seahawks
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Bears Cardinals Cardinals
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Patriots Lions Patriots
The Arbitrary's Week 3 Steelers Buccaneers Steelers
Week 4 Vikings Rams Rams
Week 4 Jets Jaguars Jaguars
Week 4 Dolphins Patriots Patriots
Week 4 Eagles Titans Eagles
Week 4 Texans Colts Texans
Week 4 Bills Packers Packers
Week 4 Lions Cowboys Cowboys
Week 4 Buccaneers Bears Bears
Week 4 Bengals Falcons Falcons
Week 4 Seahawks Cardinals Seahawks
Week 4 Browns Raiders Raiders
Week 4 Saints Giants Giants
Week 4 49ers Chargers Chargers
Week 4 Ravens Steelers Steelers
Week 4 Chiefs Broncos Broncos
Week 5 Colts Patriots Patriots
Week 5 Titans Bills Titans
Week 5 Falcons Steelers Steelers
Week 5 Broncos Jets Jets
Week 5 Jaguars Chiefs Chiefs
Week 5 Packers Lions Lions
Week 5 Ravens Browns Browns
Week 5 Giants Panthers Panthers
Week 5 Dolphins Bengals Bengals
Week 5 Raiders Chargers Chargers
Week 5 Cardinals 49ers 49ers
Week 5 Vikings Eagles Eagles
Week 5 Rams Seahawks Rams
Week 5 Cowboys Texans Texans
Week 5 Redskins Saints Saints
Week 6 Eagles Giants Giants
Week 6 Buccaneers Falcons Falcons
Week 6 Panthers Redskins Redskins
Week 6 in London Seahawks Raiders Raiders
Week 6 Colts Jets Jets
Week 6 Cardinals Vikings Vikings
Week 6 Steelers Bengals Steelers
Week 6 Chargers Browns Chargers
Week 6 Bills Texans Texans
Week 6 Bears Dolphins Dolphins
Week 6 Rams Broncos Rams
Week 6 Ravens Titans Titans
Week 6 Jaguars Cowboys Cowboys
Week 6 Chiefs Patriots Patriots
Week 6 49ers Packers Packers
Week 7 Broncos Cardinals Broncos
Week 7 in London Titans Chargers Chargers
Week 7 Bengals Chiefs Chiefs
Week 7 Browns Buccaneers Buccaneers
Week 7 Panthers Eagles Eagles
Week 7 Vikings Jets Vikings
Week 7 Lions Dolphins Lions
Week 7 Patriots Bears Patriots
Week 7 Bills Colts Colts
Week 7 Texans Jaguars Jaguars
Week 7 Saints Ravens Saints
Week 7 Cowboys Redskins Redskins
Week 7 Rams 49ers 49ers
Week 7 Giants Falcons Falcons
Week 8 Dolphins Texans Texans
Week 8 in London Eagles Jaguars Eagles
Week 8 Broncos Chiefs Chiefs
Week 8 Browns Steelers Steelers
Week 8 Redskins Giants Giants
Week 8 Seahawks Lions Lions
Week 8 Buccaneers Bengals Bengals
Week 8 Jets Bears Bears
Week 8 Ravens Panthers Panthers
Week 8 Colts Raiders Raiders
Week 8 49ers Cardinals 49ers
Week 8 Packers Rams Rams
Week 8 Saints Vikings Vikings
Week 8 Patriots Bills Patriots
Week 9 Raiders 49ers 49ers
Week 9 Bears Bills Bills
Week 9 Buccaneers Panthers Panthers
Week 9 Chiefs Browns Chiefs
Week 9 Jets Dolphins Dolphins
Week 9 Steelers Ravens Steelers
Week 9 Lions Vikings Vikings
Week 9 Falcons Redskins Falcons
Week 9 Texans Broncos Texans
Week 9 Chargers Seahawks Chargers
Week 9 Rams Saints Saints
Week 9 Packers Patriots Patriots
Week 9 Titans Cowboys Cowboys
Week 10 Panthers Steelers Steelers
Week 10 Saints Bengals Saints
Week 10 Falcons Browns Falcons
Week 10 Dolphins Packers Packers
Week 10 Jaguars Colts Jaguars
Week 10 Lions Bears Lions
Week 10 Cardinals Chiefs Chiefs
Week 10 Patriots Titans Patriots
Week 10 Redskins Buccaneers Buccaneers
Week 10 Bills Jets Jets
Week 10 Chargers Raiders Raiders
Week 10 Seahawks Rams Rams
Week 10 Cowboys Eagles Eagles
Week 10 Giants 49ers 49ers
Week 11 Packers Seahawks Packers
Week 11 Bengals Ravens Ravens
Week 11 Vikings Bears Vikings
Week 11 Panthers Lions Lions
Week 11 Titans Colts Titans
Week 11 Cowboys Falcons Falcons
Week 11 Buccaneers Giants Giants
Week 11 Eagles Saints Saints
Week 11 Texans Redskins Texans
Week 11 Broncos Chargers Chargers
Week 11 Raiders Cardinals Raiders
Week 11 Steelers Jaguars Jaguars
Week 11 in Mexico Chiefs Rams Rams
Week 12 Bears Lions Lions
Week 12 Redskins Cowboys Cowboys
Week 12 Falcons Saints Saints
Week 12 Browns Bengals Bengals
Week 12 Seahawks Panthers Panthers
Week 12 Jaguars Bills Jaguars
Week 12 Raiders Ravens Raiders
Week 12 Dolphins Colts Colts
Week 12 49ers Buccaneers 49ers
Week 12 Giants Eagles Eagles
Week 12 Patriots Jets Patriots
Week 12 Cardinals Chargers Chargers
Week 12 Steelers Broncos Steelers
Week 12 Packers Vikings Vikings
Week 12 Titans Texans Texans
Week 13 Saints Cowboys Cowboys
Week 13 Ravens Falcons Falcons
Week 13 Panthers Buccaneers Buccaneers
Week 13 Chargers Steelers Steelers
Week 13 Bears Giants Giants
Week 13 Bills Dolphins Dolphins
Week 13 Broncos Bengals Bengals
Week 13 Rams Lions Rams
Week 13 Cardinals Packers Packers
Week 13 Browns Texans Texans
Week 13 Colts Jaguars Jaguars
Week 13 Jets Titans Titans
Week 13 Chiefs Raiders Raiders
Week 13 Vikings Patriots Patriots
Week 13 49ers Seahawks Seahawks
Week 13 Redskins Eagles Eagles
Week 14 Jaguars Titans Titans
Week 14 Jets Bills Bills
Week 14 Giants Redskins Giants
Week 14 Saints Buccaneers Saints
Week 14 Patriots Dolphins Patriots
Week 14 Ravens Chiefs Chiefs
Week 14 Colts Texans Texans
Week 14 Rams Bears Rams
Week 14 Panthers Browns Browns
Week 14 Falcons Packers Packers
Week 14 Broncos 49ers 49ers
Week 14 Bengals Chargers Chargers
Week 14 Eagles Cowboys Eagles
Week 14 Lions Cardinals Lions
Week 14 Steelers Raiders Raiders
Week 14 Vikings Seahawks Vikings
Week 15 Chargers Chiefs Chiefs
Week 15 Browns Broncos Broncos
Week 15 Texans Jets Texans
Week 15 Packers Bears Packers
Week 15 Lions Bills Lions
Week 15 Buccaneers Ravens Ravens
Week 15 Cardinals Falcons Falcons
Week 15 Raiders Bengals Raiders
Week 15 Titans Giants Giants
Week 15 Dolphins Vikings Vikings
Week 15 Redskins Jaguars Jaguars
Week 15 Cowboys Colts Colts
Week 15 Seahawks 49ers 49ers
Week 15 Patriots Steelers Steelers
Week 15 Eagles Rams Rams
Week 15 Saints Panthers Panthers
Week 16 Giants Colts Giants
Week 16 Texans Eagles Eagles
Week 16 Jaguars Dolphins Jaguars
Week 16 Redskins Titans Titans
Week 16 Packers Jets Packers
Week 16 Bengals Browns Browns
Week 16 Buccaneers Cowboys Cowboys
Week 16 Vikings Lions Vikings
Week 16 Bills Patriots Patriots
Week 16 Falcons Panthers Falcons
Week 16 Ravens Chargers Chargers
Week 16 Bears 49ers 49ers
Week 16 Rams Cardinals Rams
Week 16 Steelers Saints Saints
Week 16 Chiefs Seahawks Seahawks
Week 16 Broncos Raiders Raiders
Week 17 Browns Ravens Ravens
Week 17 Dolphins Bills Bills
Week 17 Eagles Redskins Eagles
Week 17 Colts Titans Titans
Week 17 Lions Packers Packers
Week 17 Jaguars Texans Texans
Week 17 Raiders Chiefs Chiefs
Week 17 Bears Vikings Vikings
Week 17 Jets Patriots Patriots
Week 17 Panthers Saints Saints
Week 17 Cowboys Giants Giants
Week 17 Bengals Steelers Steelers
Week 17 Falcons Buccaneers Falcons
Week 17 Chargers Broncos Chargers
Week 17 49ers Rams Rams
Week 17 Cardinals Seahawks Seahawks
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Old 08-02-2018, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Patience View Post
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Welcome back to Tenth-Year Player, Hall of Famer, & Leader of the All-Time Standings at 1415-885-4 (61.5%), Patience (8).

He has the Patriots leading the league with a 14-2 record. The Cardinals are red with envy when they realize the rest of the league has bettered their 2-14 showing.

By entering before the kickoff of the Hall of Fame Game you have received 1 Change One Future Pick awards. It may be used at anytime before the kickoff of the game to which it is applied. If you resubmit your entries, you will forfeit this award and your place in line.

Patience's Predicted Standings:
AFC East
Patriots   14  2
Jets        4 12
Bills       3 13
Dolphins    3 13

AFC North
Steelers   13  3
Bengals     5 11
Ravens      5 11
Browns      4 12

AFC South
Texans     12  4
Jaguars    10  6
Titans      9  7
Colts       4 12

AFC West
Chargers   12  4
Raiders    12  4
Chiefs      9  7
Broncos     5 11
NFC East
Eagles     13  3
Giants     10  6
Cowboys     7  9
Redskins    3 13

NFC North
Packers    12  4
Vikings    12  4
Lions       9  7
Bears       3 13

NFC South
Falcons    12  4
Saints     11  5
Panthers    7  9
Buccaneers  3 13

NFC West
Rams       13  3
49ers      10  6
Seahawks    5 11
Cardinals   2 14

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Old 08-02-2018, 09:35 PM
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Old 08-06-2018, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by 1695814 View Post
Week 1;Falcons@Eagles;Eagles
Week 1;Bills@Ravens;Ravens
Week 1;Jaguars@Giants;Jaguars
Week 1;Buccaneers@Saints;Saints
Week 1;Texans@Patriots;Patriots
Week 1;49ers@Vikings;Vikings
Week 1;Titans@Dolphins;Titans
Week 1;Bengals@Colts;Bengals
Week 1;Steelers@Browns;Steelers
Week 1;Chiefs@Chargers;Chargers
Week 1;Seahawks@Broncos;Seahawks
Week 1;Cowboys@Panthers;Panthers
Week 1;Redskins@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 1;Bears@Packers;Packers
Week 1;Jets@Lions;Lions
Week 1;Rams@Raiders;Rams
Week 2;Ravens@Bengals;Bengals
Week 2;Panthers@Falcons;Falcons
Week 2;Colts@Redskins;Redskins
Week 2;Texans@Titans;Texans
Week 2;Eagles@Buccaneers;Eagles
Week 2;Chiefs@Steelers;Steelers
Week 2;Dolphins@Jets;Jets
Week 2;Chargers@Bills;Chargers
Week 2;Vikings@Packers;Vikings
Week 2;Browns@Saints;Saints
Week 2;Lions@49ers;49ers
Week 2;Cardinals@Rams;Rams
Week 2;Patriots@Jaguars;Patriots
Week 2;Raiders@Broncos;Broncos
Week 2;Giants@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 2;Seahawks@Bears;Seahawks
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Jets@Browns;Browns
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Saints@Falcons;Falcons
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Packers@Redskins;Packers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Colts@Eagles;Eagles
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bills@Vikings;Vikings
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Raiders@Dolphins;Raiders
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Broncos@Ravens;Ravens
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bengals@Panthers;Panthers
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Giants@Texans;Texans
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Titans@Jaguars;Jaguars
The Arbitrary's Week 3;49ers@Chiefs;Chiefs
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Chargers@Rams;Rams
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Cowboys@Seahawks;Cowboys
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Bears@Cardinals;Cardinals
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Patriots@Lions;Patriots
The Arbitrary's Week 3;Steelers@Buccaneers;Steelers
Week 4;Vikings@Rams;Rams
Week 4;Jets@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 4;Dolphins@Patriots;Patriots
Week 4;Eagles@Titans;Eagles
Week 4;Texans@Colts;Texans
Week 4;Bills@Packers;Packers
Week 4;Lions@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 4;Buccaneers@Bears;Bears
Week 4;Bengals@Falcons;Falcons
Week 4;Seahawks@Cardinals;Seahawks
Week 4;Browns@Raiders;Raiders
Week 4;Saints@Giants;Saints
Week 4;49ers@Chargers;Chargers
Week 4;Ravens@Steelers;Steelers
Week 4;Chiefs@Broncos;Chiefs
Week 5;Colts@Patriots;Patriots
Week 5;Titans@Bills;Titans
Week 5;Falcons@Steelers;Steelers
Week 5;Broncos@Jets;Jets
Week 5;Jaguars@Chiefs;Jaguars
Week 5;Packers@Lions;Packers
Week 5;Ravens@Browns;Ravens
Week 5;Giants@Panthers;Panthers
Week 5;Dolphins@Bengals;Bengals
Week 5;Raiders@Chargers;Chargers
Week 5;Cardinals@49ers;49ers
Week 5;Vikings@Eagles;Eagles
Week 5;Rams@Seahawks;Rams
Week 5;Cowboys@Texans;Cowboys
Week 5;Redskins@Saints;Saints
Week 6;Eagles@Giants;Eagles
Week 6;Buccaneers@Falcons;Falcons
Week 6;Panthers@Redskins;Panthers
Week 6 in London;Seahawks@Raiders;Raiders
Week 6;Colts@Jets;Jets
Week 6;Cardinals@Vikings;Vikings
Week 6;Steelers@Bengals;Steelers
Week 6;Chargers@Browns;Chargers
Week 6;Bills@Texans;Texans
Week 6;Bears@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 6;Rams@Broncos;Rams
Week 6;Ravens@Titans;Titans
Week 6;Jaguars@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 6;Chiefs@Patriots;Patriots
Week 6;49ers@Packers;Packers
Week 7;Broncos@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 7 in London;Titans@Chargers;Chargers
Week 7;Bengals@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 7;Browns@Buccaneers;Buccaneers
Week 7;Panthers@Eagles;Eagles
Week 7;Vikings@Jets;Vikings
Week 7;Lions@Dolphins;Lions
Week 7;Patriots@Bears;Patriots
Week 7;Bills@Colts;Bills
Week 7;Texans@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 7;Saints@Ravens;Saints
Week 7;Cowboys@Redskins;Cowboys
Week 7;Rams@49ers;Rams
Week 7;Giants@Falcons;Falcons
Week 8;Dolphins@Texans;Texans
Week 8 in London;Eagles@Jaguars;Eagles
Week 8;Broncos@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 8;Browns@Steelers;Steelers
Week 8;Redskins@Giants;Giants
Week 8;Seahawks@Lions;Seahawks
Week 8;Buccaneers@Bengals;Bengals
Week 8;Jets@Bears;Bears
Week 8;Ravens@Panthers;Panthers
Week 8;Colts@Raiders;Raiders
Week 8;49ers@Cardinals;49ers
Week 8;Packers@Rams;Rams
Week 8;Saints@Vikings;Vikings
Week 8;Patriots@Bills;Patriots
Week 9;Raiders@49ers;49ers
Week 9;Bears@Bills;Bills
Week 9;Buccaneers@Panthers;Panthers
Week 9;Chiefs@Browns;Chiefs
Week 9;Jets@Dolphins;Dolphins
Week 9;Steelers@Ravens;Steelers
Week 9;Lions@Vikings;Vikings
Week 9;Falcons@Redskins;Falcons
Week 9;Texans@Broncos;Texans
Week 9;Chargers@Seahawks;Chargers
Week 9;Rams@Saints;Saints
Week 9;Packers@Patriots;Patriots
Week 9;Titans@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 10;Panthers@Steelers;Steelers
Week 10;Saints@Bengals;Saints
Week 10;Falcons@Browns;Falcons
Week 10;Dolphins@Packers;Packers
Week 10;Jaguars@Colts;Jaguars
Week 10;Lions@Bears;Lions
Week 10;Cardinals@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 10;Patriots@Titans;Patriots
Week 10;Redskins@Buccaneers;Redskins
Week 10;Bills@Jets;Jets
Week 10;Chargers@Raiders;Chargers
Week 10;Seahawks@Rams;Rams
Week 10;Cowboys@Eagles;Eagles
Week 10;Giants@49ers;49ers
Week 11;Packers@Seahawks;Packers
Week 11;Bengals@Ravens;Bengals
Week 11;Vikings@Bears;Vikings
Week 11;Panthers@Lions;Panthers
Week 11;Titans@Colts;Titans
Week 11;Cowboys@Falcons;Falcons
Week 11;Buccaneers@Giants;Giants
Week 11;Eagles@Saints;Eagles
Week 11;Texans@Redskins;Texans
Week 11;Broncos@Chargers;Chargers
Week 11;Raiders@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 11;Steelers@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 11 in Mexico;Chiefs@Rams;Rams
Week 12;Bears@Lions;Lions
Week 12;Redskins@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 12;Falcons@Saints;Saints
Week 12;Browns@Bengals;Bengals
Week 12;Seahawks@Panthers;Panthers
Week 12;Jaguars@Bills;Jaguars
Week 12;Raiders@Ravens;Ravens
Week 12;Dolphins@Colts;Colts
Week 12;49ers@Buccaneers;49ers
Week 12;Giants@Eagles;Eagles
Week 12;Patriots@Jets;Patriots
Week 12;Cardinals@Chargers;Chargers
Week 12;Steelers@Broncos;Steelers
Week 12;Packers@Vikings;Vikings
Week 12;Titans@Texans;Texans
Week 13;Saints@Cowboys;Saints
Week 13;Ravens@Falcons;Falcons
Week 13;Panthers@Buccaneers;Panthers
Week 13;Chargers@Steelers;Steelers
Week 13;Bears@Giants;Giants
Week 13;Bills@Dolphins;Bills
Week 13;Broncos@Bengals;Bengals
Week 13;Rams@Lions;Rams
Week 13;Cardinals@Packers;Packers
Week 13;Browns@Texans;Texans
Week 13;Colts@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 13;Jets@Titans;Titans
Week 13;Chiefs@Raiders;Chiefs
Week 13;Vikings@Patriots;Patriots
Week 13;49ers@Seahawks;49ers
Week 13;Redskins@Eagles;Eagles
Week 14;Jaguars@Titans;Jaguars
Week 14;Jets@Bills;Bills
Week 14;Giants@Redskins;Giants
Week 14;Saints@Buccaneers;Saints
Week 14;Patriots@Dolphins;Patriots
Week 14;Ravens@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 14;Colts@Texans;Texans
Week 14;Rams@Bears;Rams
Week 14;Panthers@Browns;Panthers
Week 14;Falcons@Packers;Falcons
Week 14;Broncos@49ers;49ers
Week 14;Bengals@Chargers;Chargers
Week 14;Eagles@Cowboys;Eagles
Week 14;Lions@Cardinals;Cardinals
Week 14;Steelers@Raiders;Steelers
Week 14;Vikings@Seahawks;Vikings
Week 15;Chargers@Chiefs;Chargers
Week 15;Browns@Broncos;Broncos
Week 15;Texans@Jets;Texans
Week 15;Packers@Bears;Packers
Week 15;Lions@Bills;Lions
Week 15;Buccaneers@Ravens;Ravens
Week 15;Cardinals@Falcons;Falcons
Week 15;Raiders@Bengals;Bengals
Week 15;Titans@Giants;Giants
Week 15;Dolphins@Vikings;Vikings
Week 15;Redskins@Jaguars;Jaguars
Week 15;Cowboys@Colts;Cowboys
Week 15;Seahawks@49ers;49ers
Week 15;Patriots@Steelers;Steelers
Week 15;Eagles@Rams;Rams
Week 15;Saints@Panthers;Saints
Week 16;Giants@Colts;Giants
Week 16;Texans@Eagles;Eagles
Week 16;Jaguars@Dolphins;Jaguars
Week 16;Redskins@Titans;Titans
Week 16;Packers@Jets;Packers
Week 16;Bengals@Browns;Bengals
Week 16;Buccaneers@Cowboys;Cowboys
Week 16;Vikings@Lions;Vikings
Week 16;Bills@Patriots;Patriots
Week 16;Falcons@Panthers;Falcons
Week 16;Ravens@Chargers;Chargers
Week 16;Bears@49ers;49ers
Week 16;Rams@Cardinals;Rams
Week 16;Steelers@Saints;Steelers
Week 16;Chiefs@Seahawks;Chiefs
Week 16;Broncos@Raiders;Raiders
Week 17;Browns@Ravens;Ravens
Week 17;Dolphins@Bills;Bills
Week 17;Eagles@Redskins;Eagles
Week 17;Colts@Titans;Titans
Week 17;Lions@Packers;Packers
Week 17;Jaguars@Texans;Jaguars
Week 17;Raiders@Chiefs;Chiefs
Week 17;Bears@Vikings;Vikings
Week 17;Jets@Patriots;Patriots
Week 17;Panthers@Saints;Saints
Week 17;Cowboys@Giants;Cowboys
Week 17;Bengals@Steelers;Steelers
Week 17;Falcons@Buccaneers;Falcons
Week 17;Chargers@Broncos;Chargers
Week 17;49ers@Rams;Rams
Week 17;Cardinals@Seahawks;Seahawks
Do you want to receive a weekly results pm?; Yes or No;No
Which gender pronoun should I use to refer to you?; Male, Female, or Neutral;Female
Originally Posted by Gandalf
The thing that is clearest is twig's advice
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