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Old 03-01-2018, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Pension.Mathematics View Post
For those who are relatively new to the organization:
You quoted the part that sounds the worst, but omitted the part about how the Academy settled for $600,000 and, according to Bruce, would have settled for much more money if he'd agreed to keep his mouth shut. He insisted on being able to speak freely about what happened and accepted less money in exchange for that. (According to him anyway.)

And if we had any doubts about the Academy being an open & honest & forthcoming organization, why did they suddenly vote to close their meetings to membership?
Originally Posted by Gandalf
The thing that is clearest is twig's advice
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Old 03-01-2018, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Tudor View Post
Pragmatist: just curious--did your public denouncement accomplish anything? I guess what I'm asking is if it's even worth it? Or, is the public denouncement more of a self-therapeutic exercise than anything else?
It's too early to be able to determine it; some events and judicial proceedings are still going on; the matters involve intangible aspects; and the denounced individuals wouldn't acknowledge any effect of the disclosures incriminating them. However, it is definitely worth the effort for reasons that have nothing to do with self-therapeutic exercise.

Networking is important to one's career and it has a tight relation to a person's dignity and due reputation. When courts or boards (as is alleged of the ABCD in this matter) don't meet their obligation, public denouncement with evidence and full context becomes a professional necessity rather than a therapeutic recourse. Showing evidence and giving full context of facts and of laws is how I dismantle the inept and distorted statements made by the Michigan Court of Appeals. I gather Mr. Sharpe's envisioning would be to do something similar regarding the ABCD and the complainant.

Whether it's a deadbeat judge acting with dishonesty, a corrupt intermediary/competitor, or managers of a public institution abetting misconduct, a public denouncement -made responsibly- serves to warn our society about those corrupt individuals. When I began my litigation, I couldn't find any useful information about the judge who would preside my cases. I wish I knew beforehand what a complete mess that judge is as a person, because I would have immediately requested reassignment (this is much harder to achieve later on in judicial proceedings). But now subsequent litigants in that court can verify through official records I make available the judge's lack of integrity and take precautions accordingly. A similar reasoning applies to the intermediary engaging in fraud and unfair competition.

In the denouncement I also aim at showing people that it is possible to do things on their own, without being milked by a lawyer. With diligence, people can bring wrongdoers to court without having to disburse "legal" fees in exchange for incompetent representation. I think I accomplish this aspect very well in that collusion between attorneys and judges cannot override the evidence of perjury and misconduct.

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court of public opinion, discoverable evidence, oops too much information

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