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Old 02-15-2019, 05:38 PM
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Blackkklansman **** Very good truth based cop drama. Not a best picture contender in mu opinion. As opposed to Green Book, this is racism at its most obvious and base. There is little subtlety in the message. I actually think it did a disservice by portraying all the KKK members as ignorant, backwoods criminals. There are doctors and lawyers and politicians.

This is probably the best movie I have seen by Lee, but there is something about his style, that I just never feel the necessary build up of tension in critical scenes.

The racism in the police department - at least among the detectives was much less than I would have expected. But it was rarely subtle.

Funny thing to me is a lot was made about his voice and white vs black. He shockingly sounds like his father to me.

I think this will be shut out for most of the awards, hard to comment on editing or music. The ending was the most powerful part, but while a strong message and it truly moved me, I feel it lessened the film, by again needing to push the message, rather than letting the movie stand on its own
Charolettesville footage - and while I understand it was fresh and felt the need to say something.. it makes the whole thing feel more political
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Old Today, 07:58 PM
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Annihilation: 3.5

I'm not a big horror or action movie fan. Would I have liked this less if I'd seen Aliens or Predator? Certainly possible.

My thoughts

1. Interesting choice of soundtrack with Crosby, Stills, Nash and at least something that sounded like them in some of the most intense parts of the movie. Was that intentional to calm down the relentless sense of dread throughout the whole movie?

2. At first, the repeated memory of Lena and Daniel's last fling just seemed prurient, but ultimately, I do think it illustrated the theme well. Self-destruction. Their affair had become distant and joyless, contrasting with the other scenes of playful affection between Lena and Kane earlier in their marriage. It would have seemed voyeuristic to watch the rest of their true intimacy (which the camera always cut away from), as opposed the frigid banality that the affair had become. The film gave us no reason other than Kane being away a lot for Lena to go down that path, and just showed how we allow ourselves to self-destruct despite knowing that's where we are headed. Sometimes change isn't for the better.

3. Very well put-together. It's a film that probably doesn't have a super wide audience. Not straightforward enough for a straight-up action/horror film. Too violent for an intellectual movie. To me, it is simply the most violent and sexy item in a box with Tree of Life, Arrival, and Inception: films that impact me both viscerally and intellectually, similar levels of trippiness and back-and-forth jumpy editing that keep your attention, just to keep track of where you are in the timeline.
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