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Old 08-19-2003, 11:12 AM
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Default The "Official" Acronym List

My acronym thread was too popular: it's too long for someone to find anything quickly.
Here's a list, almost completely alphabetical. To suggest others for addition to the list, please use
this thread.
. There are a few acronyms
there that did not make this list.

There are earlier acronym threads: Flora's acronym thread and Gandalf's thread for interpreting username's as acronyms.

Mods, could you make this a sticky?

:8:          nominate
AFAICS    As far as I can see
AFAIK     as far as I know
AMMIE     A Mechanical Machine Intended for Exploration
ATGTF     Another thread gone to flirt
ATGTFWG   Another thread gone to flirting with goats
AWM       Attention Whore Moment
BC        But Clinton (traditional argument used 
          by Rightocrats anytime anyone mentions
          Bush may have done something wrong).
bh        better half (often misused by Sammie, 
          whose other half could not possibly be better than she
bil       brother-in-law
bohica    bend over, here it comes again
BITOD     Back in the old days
BTW       By the way
BYOB      Bring your own bottle (or beer)
CTM Chuckling to myself
CUL8R     See you later
dd        dear (darling) daughter
DFTUYR    Don't forget to update your resume
dh        In Sports, designated hitter.
          In other contexts, dear (darling) husband
DNFTT     Do Not Feed the Trolls
ds        dear (darling) son
dw        dear (darling) wife
EB        In context of WC Chicks, Errand Boy
          In all other contexts, E. Blackadder
FAQ       frequently asked questions.  E.g., How you doing?
fil       father-in-law
FUBAR     Fouled (or worse) up beyond all recognition
FWIW      For what it's worth
GMTA      Great minds think alike
hfbb      Have fun being banned
HTH       Hope that helps.
IANAL     I am not a lawyer.
IANAF     I am not a Fellow.
IFYP      I fixed your post
IFYQ      I fixed your quote 
IIRC      if I recall correctly
IME       In my experience
IMHO      In my humble opinion
IMO       In my opinion
IMNSHO    In my not so humble opinion
IMVHO     In my very humble opinion
          (anyone using it is lying)
IRL       in real life (which nothing on the RF is…)
ISTM      Never defined definitely.  Per CubedBee, 
          "It seems to me that it means 'I say too much'"
ITA       I totally agree
JMO       just my opinion
KUTGW     Keep up the good work
KISS      Keep it simple, stupid
LOL       Laughing out loud
LSHIPMP   Laughing so hard I peed in my pants.
mil       mother-in-law
MS        Main Squeeze.  Or its synonym, Male Slave.
MYOB      Mind your own business
nm        nevermind
NO1UNO    No one you know (a Water Cooler id)
NP        no problem
NTIMMOAD  Not that it makes much of a difference
NTTAWWT   Not that there's anything wrong with that
NTTAWW Not that there's anything wrong with (use your imagination) :o
PNWTOC    Plays Nicely With The Other Children
PDFTT     Please don't feed the trolls     
PEBCAK    Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
POETS     Piss Off Early; Tomorrow's Saturday
POS       Piece of poo
PTB       Powers that be
RN        (Simpsons) Reference Noted
ROE       wRath of Elmo
          occasionally used to mean Return on Equity
ROTFLMAO  Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
RTFM      Read the f*cking manual
sd        sperm donor
SGOTI     Some Guy On The Internet
          Used in debate when your opponent starts
          making stuff up, e.g: "Why should I believe
          SGOTI over published sources?"
sil       sister-in-law
SLBCFT    sounds like Browncoat's first time
SLMBCFT   sounds like Mrs. Browncoat's first time
SNAFU     Situation normal, all fouled (or worse) up
SOL       Sh*t Out of Luck
TDA       The Drunken Actuary; post count leader
TFH = Tin Foil Hat =
TGIF      Thank God It's Friday
TLA       Three Letter Acronym
TTIA      This Thread Is Awesome!
TTIWWP    This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures
TTFN      Ta Ta For Now (Tigger)
TTYL      Talk to you later
TWSS      That's What She Said
TY        thank you
WC        Water Cooler
WCC       Water Cooler Chicks 
WCCCF     Water Cooler Chicks Commando Friday.
          Be sure to dress appropriately
WDHWYT?   What da hell were you thinking?
WTF       What the f*ck
WTMTOYH   Way too much time on your hands
YMMV      Your Mileage May Vary
YW        you're welcome
_         I'm really old and find ancient 
          programming languages entertaining 
          (never used on a stand-alone basis)
OK, elmo, for you it's a sticky. Anything to keep the WCCs happy. I locked it, too, so posters will have to use to suggest additions, as you requested. - Mod1

Life sucks like a hoover. Grab the handle or get in the bag. fun king ded Maine-iac thinks I'm smart So does Westley!

Last edited by Moderator1; 03-18-2014 at 05:01 PM.. Reason: add SLBCFT and SLMBCFT
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