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Old 07-29-2019, 05:23 PM
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I think the $1/$2 is hard to beat because people will play anything. Part of the strategy on an A35 board is figuring an UTG 9ring won't raise or limpcall A3 or 64 - usually. But random people are random.

While it would seem that suboptimal play makes it profitable for you, I think it makes it harder and incents you to play old man style more.

Other end of the spectrum, I've seen lots of AA limping, stacked to it twice, assuming someone with AA would open the hand or limp reraise. Nope.
Originally Posted by redprinceton
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Old 07-29-2019, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by BallaActuary View Post
You have to be a lot more aggressive here.. No one ever folds AK/AQ pairing the A. I think you left $40-50 on the table. Flopped sets are my favorite hands.

$1/2 is terrible. 50bb max and $6 drop makes it really difficult to beat imo

I've been getting out to our local one 3-4 times a month. Maybe I'll see you there.
I probably did leave some out there. I don't want him thinking any more than he did.

I'll look for you. I'm only going maybe twice a month if I'm lucky.
I went last Friday. Signed up for 1/2 and 2/3. played the 1/2 first. Got AK a few hands in. Called a $12 raise, because Not Tournament. Raiser led out $25 on an Ace-high board. I just stuck the rest of my stack ($80 or so) all in. He thinks, then he calls. I flash him my ace, and he drops his head. I'm guessing he had QQ or KK. Didn't care. My name for 2/3 was called out, so I moved, bought in for an extra $100; eventually left 2/3 with $400 plus. I'm having a hard time recalling what went on there that I won another $100+, but I was there for only two hours. Had a drunk hyper-aggro on my left, but he left soon after I sat down. Lots of re-raising pre-flop that made my playing easy (folding shit I'd play at the 1/2 for $6 with $24 in the pot, for example). I recall getting paid off with KK and a low board.

2/3 is definitely easier to play there. Less thinking imo. Play fewer speculative hands with players behind you. Let the hyper-aggros beat each other up, get in with a killer hand to double-up when they don't expect it. Get looser later with O.P.M. after they peg you as a rock.
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