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Old 05-15-2018, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by mlschop View Post
I think having sequential dungeons makes it easier to main line and avoid exploring
I 100% agree, but I think given that BotW was so open world, that caused them to deprecate dungeons, since you could go to any divine beast in any order. I wasn't happy with the tradeoff is all I'm saying because most of the exploration didn't feel that satisfactory to me.

Finding a random shrine in the wild with the same exact aesthetic look and feel just for another quarter heart piece of stamina wheel just didn't do it for me. Occasionally you'd also get a new sword or bow, but that would just break after a very short amount of time, so it felt kind of meaningless.

I adored the overworld, but finding koroks and doing the same arrow mini-game over and over also didn't really grab me. My favorite parts were finding things fun things to do in remote places, like the shield surfing girl, or the mazes. That was a lot of fun, but those kind of things were too sparse.

I'm saying my ideal BotW sequel would have the same kind overworld exploration. But more actual dungeons and less shrines. And those dungeons should ideally be more traditional. i.e. each one with a unique aesthetic look and feel. You advance through the dungeon, certain paths are blocked off or otherwise inaccessible, until you get a key item that let's you progress.

I think I'd even really like it if some dungeons are harder/impossible to complete unless you have certain key items from other dungeons/shrines/overworld quests. But that may be too ambitious to pull off properly.
Originally Posted by ao fan View Post
i like laying in the tube and pretending that i'm dead.
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I am so close to having a functional Infinity Gauntlet in God of War.
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