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Old 07-29-2015, 05:57 PM
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Default Necessary to review syllabuses of past/passed exams?

Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums and to most things actuarial. I graduated this past May and only after I graduated did I think to pursue a degree as an actuary, so really I don't know tons of details about anything related to the field yet.

One of my majors in college was Math, so after I learned a little bit about actuaries I decided to jump right into exam taking. I started studying for Exam P in mid June and I was able to pass the exam on July 27th. I plan to attempt Exam FM in October.

Now that I've passed Exam P, should I/do I need to revisit the material on the syllabus every now and then to keep it fresh? Or should I just move on and focus 100% on the FM syllabus?

I realize there could be some overlaps with future exams and that knowledge of the Exam P syllabus could be necessary for future exams, so maybe I shouldn't worry about this and just focus on the next exam.

This concern only came to mind because I, admittedly, didn't put a ton of time into studying for P. I actually felt like I wasn't going to pass it a few days prior to the exam, and did some hard-core cramming of the multi-variables stuff a few days prior to taking the exam as a last ditch effort. Luckily I'm a pretty good test taker and I managed to pass. I feel like I have, at least, a basic understanding of everything that was on the syllabus, but the multi-variables stuff could definitely be a lot better. Because I relied on cramming, I feel like my knowledge of the syllabus material might not last long without reinforcement through studying.

Should I be worried about my probability skills dwindling as I move on to future exams? Or is there no reason to worry about this since, perhaps, probability will necessarily be reinforced/revisited on future exams? Any advice you provide this newbie is much appreciated.
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Old 07-29-2015, 06:07 PM
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There will be overlap. Concepts from P will come up again on MLC and C but there is no need to review. You won't need to have al the distributions memorized again for example. The larger ideas you will need but you should be able to retain them without doing any actual work.
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