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Old 12-14-2018, 04:33 PM
POMR-CantHurtME! POMR-CantHurtME! is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
College: Go Dawgs
Posts: 7

Originally Posted by vjvj View Post
Much of the resume looks really dense.

I'm not fond of the headings on the right margin. It takes effort to find them.

Italics is harder to read and I'd avoid it.

"Exams" is a perfectly legit word, means exactly the same thing as "Examinations", and is a lot easier to read than "Examinations". That's what I'd use. I'm not sure why there's bolding of FM, but not P. I'd expect consistency there. I'd make the exams more tabular-looking. So, get rid of the hyphens, left-align the dates. Using "sitting" for the exams you passed is a bad idea, as "sitting" is commonly used intead of "scheduled to write". A quick glance may lead the reader to think you've not passed any exams. I'd definitely avoid it. I'd not use a different format for the upcoming exam. So I'd add a left-align "Passed"/"Sitting" (and, yeah, I'd use "sitting" rather than the long "scheduled to write ... in") column before the dates. I'd not bother with the scores. I'd try to put the VEE on a separate line. If you can't get it on a separate line, I'd be tempted to just get rid of it. I think clarity in the exam section is probably more important than VEE.

I'd avoid parenthesis.

I see no reason to specify "Department of Mathematics". I just makes the section more dense and harder to read. The readers will not be idiots and can figure out that you'd get a math degree from the math department. Dean's list is tricky. Since it is typically based solely on GPA, you're effectively telling the reader that you only had a good GPA in two semesters. Or, you're telling them you had a bad GPA for, what, 6 semesters? And that made me look closer at the grad date to notice it was in December, which means you probably had a bad GPA for 7 semesters? If you keep the dean's list, don't put it where it makes the grad date harder to see. If you don't have other stuff around it, it will be obvious that the date is grad date and you don't need to label it. I'm not keen on coursework, but if you include it, I'd keep it to stuff that wasn't already obvious to the reader or wasn't better gotten across by something else (so, math major, stats focus, passing FM already covers half of your list). Thinning it out makes it more likely that it will be seen. I'd not have "& Credential" - just keep it simple with education. And, tbh, nothing you list there is what I'd typically think of as a credential, anyway. I think the PM is better gotten across through job bullets. Just stuck in "skills" it all seems like weak bs. Especially when included with communcation and logical thinking - two things that every single candidate will do. Those last ones are better covered in an interview rather than on a resume imo.

I'd split out the computer skills. You could be doing yourself a disservice by including them with education. That could imply that you're had some training in school but haven't actually used them in a real application. And, yeah, later stuff will probably make the reader thing you've really used them, but it may be too late by then. Don't get the reader thinking negative things about you. I'd list the computer skills roughly in order of how important you think those skills will be for the job. Typically for EL act jobs, that will be Excel, SQL, VBA, then all the rest. I might get rid of those that are likely irrelevant to the position. Maine-iac mentioned the capitalization, but in addition to being consistent, I'd just not capitalize stuff that normally wouldn't be capitalized (highlights).

The big paragraph before you get to the job bullets is bad imo. It's a big blob and you just don't want to read it. And when you start, you get the very odd starting "hired without any prior relatable experience". I get what you're getting at since you haven't had internships, etc. But imo you're WAY better off selling that your experience is relatable than that someone should just hire you blindly because someone did that before and it worked out. And strongly implying that you don't think anything you've done to date is relevant. That seems a really weak sell to me.

I'd try to avoid multiple levels of bullets. More than one is usually a sign that you've just saying it wrong.

Including stuff like the TeamViewer bullet makes it seem like you're applying for a programming job and not an actuarial job. Presenting at a higher level will make that better.

You're inconsistent in bullet structure. Try to be consistent.

I'd not bother with the periods at the ends of sentence fragments.

The section becomes confusing with the second main bullet. You've gone through a whole paragraph without really saying what you did. then you've done 3 bullet/subbullets where it sounds like you're a programmer ("product" could be software). When you get to "old materials", I'm thinking you're reusing obsolete code, which seems odd and it doesn't get somewhat clarified until you get 3 levels deep in the bullet. That's not good. Don't confuse the reader.

Also, you wait until you're 3 level deep to point out a benefit. That should alway be the start of a bullet. Oh, I take it back. You do mention 15% (which I'd list as "15%" and not in words), but only after a weak, confusing, and somewhat humorous start of "aided in reaching over".

Again, you've hid the response time benefit. Put it at the start and quantify it.

Yeah, the github non-section isn't clear and it isn't clear what you're trying to sell.
Very Nice! All signs point that I'm being unnecessarily extra in my resume so I'll condense it down and try again. I appreciate you.
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Old 12-14-2018, 05:44 PM
POMR-CantHurtME! POMR-CantHurtME! is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
College: Go Dawgs
Posts: 7

Hi Vj,

Thank you for your thorough input on my resume/CL. This level of scrutiny exactly what I wanted/needed.

A few questions to you, and anyone who sees this and wants to take a shot at answering - I was gonna send a PM, but thought it would be more useful to everybody if I just keep this thread going, for future references.

For the Skills and Technical background (Should I just say "Skills" as title, instead of "Skills and Technical background?), I haven't had much experience in Access and SQL, but from reading your thoughts it sounds like I should have these listed first. Should I just omit it?

Should I also remove all the other uselelss unnecessary stuff like LateX, Matlab, HTML?

It's gonna be a really short and small section.. it'll look like


Excel, R, Python

LOL. Yeah. I don't want to lie, but I also don't want to put myself in a bad position to begin with. I wonder if I should add anything else, like explaining what I know about excel? I've worked with userforms and commandbuttons and such in VBA, and done some macros recording, but not much and probably not to the extent that I'll need for the job. Do I have to elaborate on this?

I also have some more previous experience, a 6 month contract job for data migration, as well as tutoring. The bullet points that I had on there were listing mindless tasks and it's hard for me to think of how I was able to 'make the company better' by a quantifiable measure.

I'll upload a new version once I complete.
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