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Old 01-03-2018, 12:39 PM
Dr T Non-Fan Dr T Non-Fan is online now
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Just something he does. Parents didn't give him enough attention when he was younger. Or too much. Or just the right amount. Or just the wrong amount.
"Facebook is a toilet." -- LWTwJO
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Old 01-03-2018, 12:43 PM
SlowMotionWalter's Avatar
SlowMotionWalter SlowMotionWalter is offline
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TZK posted for the first time in awhile, so CS decided to bump old TZK.
Originally Posted by bigb View Post
You should learn to communicate in a serious manner before you expect a serious answer.
Originally Posted by Kangaz wit Attitude View Post
Force of habit, 2pac's been typing "88" a LOT since Trump got elected.
Originally Posted by JMO View Post
You ought to see the bush. It's impressive.
Originally Posted by Pikachu
10:53 pm: some ppl dont take advices well
Originally Posted by mayo fan
9:45 pm: ao fan would be hot covered in mayo!
Originally Posted by Snikelfritz
if you'd like I can come visit and dress up like a girl and get in some fights
Originally Posted by Kaner3339 View Post
i think everyone needs to do this type of thing to get a dose of reality and straighten people up. it's kinda like going to the mountains and becoming a monk except it's with hundreds of potatoes and a lot of stoners with tattoos in a kitchen
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Old 01-03-2018, 12:50 PM
The Right's Avatar
The Right The Right is offline
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Originally Posted by TZK View Post
And yet, being able to use these could prove useful in a bank job situation. If a person does not hire you because you brought them up, then their actions are immoral, self centered, and contradict their assigned duties as an interviewer.

If you said that to me I would just ask you what it was. This is how a mature, rational and knowledgeable person reacts to this situation. I do not expect anything of others that I do not expect of myself as well.

That is not what I said. Machines do not have to act rational or logically. They do act according to their parameters. I know those parameters so I can predict and influence people's behavior. Thus I can successfully execute plans that involve people. For instance, if I leave a wallet on the ground in New York and draw a circle around it I would expect there to be a low chance that anyone would touch it. Thus this would be a safe place to store my wallet.

Imagine you are in a forest and come across a big stupid gorilla. The gorrila is angry and will possibly attack you. You have a gun, and cannot reason with the gorilla for obvious reasons. However you have an alternative to shooting him - if you take of all your clothes and allow him to rape you, you will not be harmed. Which do you do? The interviewer is the gorilla, and I am the guy. The difference between me and others is that I understand rational and irrational behavior to the point that I can see the interviewers actions are immoral.

I have chosen (and perhaps may well be incapable of choosing) not to cater to immature behavior to get a job.
god I love this
People on welfare drive Escalades and eat caviar
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Old 01-03-2018, 02:14 PM
JMO's Avatar
JMO JMO is offline
Carol Marler
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Studying for Nothing actuarial.
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Originally Posted by nonlnear View Post
Originally Posted by Strider View Post
You need to start answering some PMs, instead of bumping old threads.
x 2
Carol Marler, "Just My Opinion"

Pluto is no longer a planet and I am no longer an actuary. Please take my opinions as non-actuarial.

My latest favorite quotes, updated Nov. 20, 2018.

I should keep these four permanently.
Originally Posted by rekrap View Post
JMO is right
Originally Posted by campbell View Post
I agree with JMO.
Originally Posted by Westley View Post
And def agree w/ JMO.
Originally Posted by MG View Post
This. And everything else JMO wrote.
And this all purpose permanent quote:
Originally Posted by Dr T Non-Fan View Post
Yup, it is always someone else's fault.
All purpose response for careers forum:
Originally Posted by DoctorNo View Post
Depends upon the employer and the situation.
Originally Posted by El Actuario View Post
Therapists should ask the right questions, not give the right answers.
Originally Posted by Sredni Vashtar View Post
I feel like ERM is 90% buzzwords, and that the underlying agenda is to make sure at least one of your Corporate Officers is not dumb.
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origin of your

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