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Old 01-04-2018, 06:48 PM
data_analyst data_analyst is offline
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College: William & Mary, 4th year
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Originally Posted by ronaldy27 View Post
Capital One is a bank and banks usually do pay more but that seems a lot of money for someone fresh out of undergraduate college and for a data analyst job.

This ain't no entry level quant/investment banking job.
For context, I was a Data Analyst Intern last summer and I got a full-time offer at the end of the summer. Both the entry-level business analysts and data analysts who were interns first got the same offer. I'm sure the hired entry-level analysts who were not interns first are getting lower offers than us.

My manager over the summer also says the Data Analyst role at Capital One is evolving. As the company increasingly expects Data Analysts to have technical skills, our role is becoming more and more similar to the Data Engineers. There are employees who have the "Data Analyst" job title at Capital One who do the exact same tasks as Data Engineers, and work on the same teams as Data Scientists.

Originally Posted by Maine-iac View Post
You have a good offer that seems interesting to you. So . . . .
Take the job and suspend the actuarial exam process. After you've been in the job for awhile, if you decide it's not what you really want, then take another exam or two and start looking for actuarial work. No need to do this now.

As others have said, there are enough desirable skills in the job you are taking that you won't really be much of a career changer if you make the switch in a year or two, so don't sweat it.
Thanks! I found it valuable to learn that more than one person on this thread thinks career-changing wouldn't be too difficult given the job I am taking.

Originally Posted by Colonel Smoothie View Post
These are very legitimate concerns for people who have options. The better students want to make the right choices, just like everyone else does. Dismissing them just because regular people don't have these options doesn't do either you or the OP any favors - for the most part, you've faced the same types of choices at various points in your career.
I appreciate strong opinions since they help me make a choice, and yep, I want to make the best choice. I can take the hard truth if someone wants to say, "there are too many good actuarial candidates, don't come back because you won't make it" or "what you have is really good so don't screw it up".

Originally Posted by Masked Avenger View Post
What does the long term career trajectory look like and how does it compare to actuarial?
If I were to stay stagnant, I believe I would remain a Principal Data Analyst with annual salary increases. I'm not sure what the annual salary increase is. This is assuming I don't interview for a manager position or switch roles. I know the company does offer some tuition reimbursement, so I could obtain a master's degree (I'm not sure in what). If I don't go back to actuarial, I would probably aim to be a data scientist.

Originally Posted by Masked Avenger View Post
I’m in the camp that the actuarial track is severely overrated compared to other white collar jobs. If you were to go down this route I would recommend abandoning the actuarial track entirely. Definitely a waste of time to continue taking exams. Abandoning your 1 passed exam is a low sunk cost anyway.
Thanks! I appreciate straight-forward advice.
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Old 01-04-2018, 07:17 PM
data_analyst data_analyst is offline
Join Date: Dec 2017
College: William & Mary, 4th year
Posts: 4

Originally Posted by jyz002 View Post
OP, what is it about actuarial that you like so much that you are willing to take a salary cut and have to spend a majority of your free time studying instead of having fun for the next 5-10 years to continue to pursue the field?
Even though I am finishing a computer science degree, I get very insecure about doing technical work. I get scared about not being able to fix all the bugs in my code, or spending many hours on something and still not having a working implementation. Both scenarios happen to me too often to me in my programming classes. Sometimes I think studying and taking tests for years is better than doing any technical work. But I'm na´ve, so what do I know.

Originally Posted by jyz002 View Post
Data analysts have a lot of growth potential, especially from a bank, if I had that offer and a typical actuarial offer when I first started, I'd definitely take the data analyst job.

You only have 1 exam and it's the easiest one so if this is about sunk cost, forget about it!
Thanks! Straight-forward advice, I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by ditkaworshipper View Post
I have no idea why actuarial is even a consideration given the numbers in the OP unless this is a 70+ hour/week burn and churn operation. Even if he burns out in a few years, the opportunity cost of studying for exams is way too high compared to studying things that will help with his actual job.
I appreciate your opinion! And I am female.

Originally Posted by econfkw View Post
She quit last month after finding a data science job.
1. She thinks data science job is more interesting.
2. why not having fun instead of taking exams in the coming 4-5 years?

I think the OP should pick up more programming languages and hone whatever programming skills he/she knows. I would take a on-year break not thinking about the actuarial exams.

I am not sure if the SOA realizes that there is competition from other occupations that attract the talented people. Maybe it doesn't matter, there is oversupply of actuary anyway.
Good to know! Thanks!
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Old 01-04-2018, 08:58 PM
Dr T Non-Fan Dr T Non-Fan is offline
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From what I can tell, you have too many emotions to be an actuary.

<long pause, waiting for laughter to die down>

That was a joke.

<short pause, waiting for laughter to die down, 'cause I'm on a roll...>

Probably should check out DataAnalystOutpost...

Oh, don't stop me now!
"Facebook is a toilet." -- LWTwJO
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Old 01-04-2018, 09:49 PM
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Should I stay or should I go ...
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data analyst

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