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Old 03-04-2015, 11:36 PM
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Default Entry Level Resume Advice: No Relevant Experience

Hi there. I was hoping to get some advice on my resume. I'm seeking an actuarial internship or a position that will help me break into the industry in Toronto.

Any constructive criticism is much appreciated.


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Old 03-05-2015, 12:50 PM
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Make sure the blue and grey parts copy/scan well.

Just because you can put little phone and mail icons in a resume doesn't mean you should.

If you have stuff worth looking at in your linkedin acct that's not on the resume, put it on the resume and get rid of the link.

I'd indent all text under the section headings a little. It will make the overall format stand out even more and generally makes a resume look more open.

I'd get rid of the & Requirements. I'd left align the passed/sitting and get rid of the colons. I'd go "Completed requirements for VEE Economics and Corporate Finance", which is closer to how you'd actually say it.

I'd leave the somewheres off the right margin and put them after the school/company, separated by a comma.

I'd leave off the (4/4 Years). It's unnecessary, makes the section harder to read. I'd just list grad date, with month, rather than the range.

Don't use parenthesis in general.

You've effectively got 3 levels of bullets. Even two are rarely needed. I'd bullet the main level.

If there's a period or semicolon in a "bullet", it's not really one bullet.

The first job makes no sense. First you say lifeguard, which gives me an immediate impression on what you did. Then you say "managed", which gives me a completely different (but probably wrong?) impression. The 15 would seem to back up the "managed", though, and not the "lifeguard". But then you get into maintenance, which doesn't really match either of them. I'd only use the word "managed" if you had people working for you. And if that's the case, you should be much clearer.

Second just similarly has expectations jumping around. First you see TA, which is pretty common and I expect the usual overhype. But then I see the entrepreneurship class and you've actually piqued my interest. But immediately after that I see "administrative duties". Never use the word "duties"! So my expectations are squashed. That's backed up by the lame first sub-bullet, where you've even tried to pad the lameness by using "electronically" and "promtly". And you name drop. Unless the readers will all recognize AND be impressed by the name, there's no reason at all to mention the prof. What does it matter who you send emails to? But then the next 2 sub-bullets again actually sound pretty good, other than some padding. You don't need "throughout the course" or "as a member of ...".

Don't use that totally confusing extra title in parenthesis. If you just say lead, it will be assumed that you didn't get hired as that, but moved up. The job sounds good enough that you don't have to add filler. No fast-paced (which should be hyphenated) work environment. No interacting. I'd not mention complaints. Why are your customers complaining? That sounds bad, even if you did "handle" it. No smooth and safe. I like that you've, for the most part, tried to keep the lead bullets more or less manager-y and have not included yourself in those you manage. I think it would be better to thin it out, though.

I'd not have Office as a category. If you do that, you can get rid of PP, Word, Outlook, and Onenote. Basic Programming Proficiency seems long and awkward. Basic proficiency? You don't need all those caps. You can get rid of the colon, add "in" and then you don't need the bolding to distinguish the proficiency from the list. For Future Learning sound stupid. So not only do you not know these, you're not even learning them now? Then why in the world are they listed?

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