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Actuarial Science University List Still Growing

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college-students.gifWe’ve recently added a number of new forums tailored just for the ActSci Universities across the US. If you have an actuarial science program that is not listed in our forum, send Tom an email or just leave a comment to this article and we’ll be sure to add your school to our regularly updated list. Our newest university added to the forum is Valparaiso University. For a full list of actuarial science universities, just continue reading this article or go directly to our Actuarial Science University Forum and start chatting.

In your school’s actuarial science forum, you can discuss/post your class notes, ask questions about homework / upcoming exam, or organize your next departmental social event. If you’d like your forum divided into more specific sub-forums, just send a private message or email to Tom, and he will be glad to help. If you’d like to get the word out about this growing resource, ask your school’s webmaster to post a link on your department’s home page to your school’s forum on the Actuarial Outpost. If you’re a teacher and would like help your students sign up for IDs on the Outpost, contact Tom via email at tom{at}, and he can create a list of login IDs for your students along with some other helpful “getting started” information.

Click on any of the following universities’ names to go to their specific forum here on the Actuarial Outpost. The main contact is listed under each school along with a link to their actuarial science department’s website. If you notice any information that is outdated or incorrect, please leave a comment below, and we will have it as up to date as possible.

Abilene Christian University
Ruby Rutherford – Senior Administrative

Arizona State University, Tempe
Don Jones – Director of Undergraduate Studies

Armstrong Atlantic State University
Lorrie Hoffman – Professor and Head

Ball State University
W. Bart Frye – Assistant Professor

Beloit College
Paul Campbell – Professor

Benedictine University
Jeremy Nadolski – Assistant Professor

Bentley College
Lucy Kimball – Associate Professor

Binghamton University
Miguel Arcones – Professor

Bob Jones University
Dr. Gary Guthrie – Chairman of Mathematical Science

Boston University
Ms. Lois K. Horwitz – Department Contact
Actuarial Science Website

Brigham Young University
Bruce Collings – Professor

Bryant University
Phyllis Schumacher – Professor/Chair

California State University, Long Beach
Actuarial Dept. Contacts: Dr. Morteza Ebneshahrashoob, Dr. Yonghee Kim-Park

Case Western Reserve University
Amy Orendi – Professor (ASA)

Central Connecticut State
Frank Bensics – Professor

Central Michigan University
Tom Miles – Director

Colorado at Boulder
Anne Dougherty – professor
David Grant – professor
Kent Goodrich – professor

Columbia University
Daniel Rabinowitz – Admissions and Acadmic Adviser

Concordia University
Jose Garrido – Director (ASA)

Doane College
Peggy Hart – Associate Professor

Drake University
Stuart Klugman – Professor

Florida State University
Bettye Anne Case – Department Head
Steve Paris – Asistant Professor
Esther Diaguila – Advisor

Georgia State University
Shawn Wang
– Actuarial Science Contact
GSU Actuarial Student Association

Grand Valley State University
Jann-Huei Jinn – Professor

Howard University
B. Paul Choi – Dr./Assistance Professor

Illinois State University
Krzysztof Ostaszewski – Actuarial Program Director

Indiana University, Northwest
Lary Schiefelbusch – Associate Professor

Indiana University, South Bend
Morteza Shafii-Mousavi – Professor

Iowa State University
W. Robert Stephenson – University Professor

Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Paul Maiste, Dr. Jong-Shi Pang, Dr. John Wierman – Advisors

Lebanon Valley College
Bryan Hearsey – Actuarial Program Coordinator

Liberty University
Actuarial Science Contact – Dr. Glyn Wooldridge, Chair

Louisiana State University in Shreveport
Debbie Shepherd – Director / Assistant Professor

Maryville University at St. Louis
Min Deng – Ph.D. and ASA

Miami University
David Groggel – Associate Professor

Middle Tennessee State University
Don Hong, Ph.D. – Professor

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Karen Rappaport – Department Contact Zoi-heleni Michalopoulou – Director(Undergraduate Program) Padma Gulati – Departmental Coordinator

New York University Stern School of Business
Aaron Tenenbein – Professor of Statistics and Director of the Actuarial Science Program

Northeastern University
Sol Jekel
– Head Advisor

Timothy Huffman – Assoc. Professor of Mathematics

Ohio State University
Chunsheng Ban – Professor

Otterbein College
Jonathon Huber – Main Contact

Penn State University
Contact: deansoffice(at)

Portland State University

Purdue University
Richard Penney – Main Contact

Robert Morris University
Len Asimow – Main contact

Roosevelt University
Steve Cohen – Ph.D., Director of School

St. John’s University
Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujam – Associate Professor

State University of New York at Albany
Richard Z. Goldstein – Actuarial Science Head and Contact

Simon Fraser University
Gary Parker – Actuarial Science Coordinator

Temple University
Bonnie Averbach – Associate Professor and Director
Krupa Viswanathan – Assistant Professor and Deaver Research Fellow

University of California at Santa Barbara
Undergraduate Program Assistant
(805) 893-2129, South Hall 5607H

Dawn Holmes
Undergraduate Advisor
(805) 893-8887, South Hall 5506

University of Central Florida
Actuarial Contacts – Stephen G. Kellison, Matthew Modisett, Jerry Han, Gary Gau

University of Connecticut
Louis Lombardi – Director, Undergraduate Actuarial

University of Florida

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rick Gorvett – Director, Actuarial Science Program

University of Iowa
Luke Tierney – Departmental Executive Officer
James Broffitt – Actuarial Science Undergraduate Advisor

University of Louisville
Dr. Ewa Kubicka, ASA – Actuarial Program Director

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Curtis Huntington – Professor of Mathematics and Associate Chair

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Warren Luckner, FSA, CFA – Main Actuarial Science Contact

University of New Mexico
Ron Christensen – faculty contact

University of Regina
Prof. Larry Miller – Actuarial Program Director

University of Rochester
S.R.S. Rao Poduri, Ph.D. – Professor and Director of Statistics

University of Texas at Austin
Jim Daniel – Director of Actuarial Studies

University of Texas at Dallas
Sam Efromovich – faculty contact

University of the West Indies
Prof. Ronald Young – Department Head
Dr. Raymond McEachin – ActSci Section Leader

University of Toronto
Samuel Broverman – Professor

University of Washington

University of Waterloo
Mary Hardy – Professor
Ken Seng Tan – Professor / Advisor

University of Western Ontario
Dr. Bruce L. Jones – Chair
Ms Jennifer Dungavell – Administrative Assistant
Prof. Serge Provost – Undergraduate Chair

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Vytaras Brazauskas – Professor

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Profs. Edward Frees – Act Sci Professor
Margie Rosenberg – Act Sci Professor

Valparaiso University
Chair: Kimberly Pearson, Ph.D.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Jon Abraham
– Actuarial Mathematics Coordinator


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  1. ooi on 14 Apr 2008 at 12:25 pm #

    dear sir,
    pls assist me on the following,
    1) a list of Best colleges major in actuarial science
    2) a list of Best national universities in USA major in acturial science


  2. Tom on 01 Jul 2008 at 4:47 pm #

    I’ll have to answer your question with another question….

    Have you browsed this forum?

    There are lots of discussions about comparing diferent actuarial science programs that are in the same region. Now, if you want my opinion on what is the best actuarial science university in the US, I’m gonna go with FSU. But then again, I’m bias.

    Here are some other useful discussion threads:

    Should I major in actuarial science –

    The ever growing Actuary FAQs List –

    and one of my favorite… Why is Actuary rated the top job –

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