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September 30th 2008
Check out our New Actuarial Blogs

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Well, some of them are actuarial in nature, and some of them are about nothing actuarial at all. It’s a new feature that allows every aspiring actuary, access to their own online journal, right here on the Outpost. Check out the Blogs

New Actuarial Blog FeatureThe blogs are on everything from actuarial exams to BBQ cooking. Don’t want the world to read it? No problem. Once you’re a member of our forum, you will be able to create your first blog post. You can then choose who can read your blog in your user control panel, under edit options. You can browse the public Actuarial Outpost Blogs here.

If you’d like to start your own actuary blog, you can register with the Actuarial Outpost by going to or by sending an email (from any email provider) to “register” at “actuarialoutpost” dot com, and let me (Tom) know what you would like your user name to be. You’ll be a member of the First & Largest Online Actuarial Community, in no time. 😉

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March 13th 2008
AO Launches New Global Actuarial Wiki

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Help the world’s largest actuarial community build the world’s largest actuarial wiki database

Though the wiki has been around for a few months now, we’ve decided to announce it to the public and invite you to help us create the newest study/informational resource for actuaries. We currently have two editors working on setting up the structure for the first four exams (P, FM, MLC/3, MFE, C/4), and we’d like your help, too.

If you’d like to contribute to our wiki (big or small), first make sure you have an ID on the discussion board (if not register), then send a private message to Tom, and ask for him to set you up with a Wiki Contributor account. All members who help with the wiki will get added privileges in the forum, similar to our 5 year members, site supporters, and note contributors.

Are you a little worried about whether or not you’ll be able to understand how the wiki works? No worries. Tom will send you a simiple crash course in wiki 101, and you’ll be a pro in no time. If you have any questions about how the wiki works, what we’re looking for, or anything else you can think of, you can discuss all wiki questions here.

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January 3rd 2008
Sign the Actuarial Outpost Guestbook

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I found this on the net and thought it may be fun to see where all of our visitors are from. If you’d like to sign our guest book it’s easy. Just click “sign this guestbook”, fill out the form, maybe add a picture, and click “add” and your done. Hope everyone can get a good kick out of this. Continue Reading »

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October 30th 2007
Invite fellow actuaries to the Outpost with our new address book import system

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email-services.gifLike the Actuarial Outpost? Think it could be helpful for a friend taking exams? Why keep it secret, because now it’s easier than ever to invite your friends to the Outpost. Just like many other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Friendster, the AO now has an email address import system that allows you to import all of your contacts from many popular email service providers. Once you’ve imported your contacts, you can pick and choose who receives an invite by clicking the check boxes that correspond with each email address. Then, just click ‘Invite Friends’ and each of your contacts will receive a personalized letter from you telling them about the different features of the Outpost, and how they can join. If you would like to invite some friends to the Outpost, follow this link –

If you do not use one of the email services providers, you can always send emails to your friends the old fashion way, one email at a time. I’ve made it easier to link to the register page as well. Just cut and paste this link – – and send it to your friends, and they’ll be on their way to becoming Outpost posters in no time. Also, be sure to remind them that we only accept non-anonymous email addresses for registrations, which means no Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail or other accounts like that.

P.S. Yes, I see the irony in that we do not accept new registrations from the email providers listed in the address importer, but I’ve added some simple directions in the invite email that will help get around this catch.

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October 1st 2007
We now accept Microsoft Excel documents as attachments

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Do you have a question about that excel spreadsheet you’ve been working on all week? Think you’re close to fixing it, but you’re just not sure what to do? To help answer these types of questions that often come up, we’ve added the ability to upload Microsoft Excel documents (.xls) to your posts/threads in the forum.

We have a number of places in the forum that this can come in handy, especially in the Software & Technology Forum. Perhaps you just learned a new trick and want to show it off; now you can upload it so the whole world can see! The max upload size is currently set at 2 megabytes, but that can be increased if you find a need to upload a larger document. If this is the case or you just need some help, feel free to send a private message or email to Tom . Enjoy!

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