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July 3rd 2009
Actuarial Outpost sees record traffic as exam results get released

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social-networkWith the most recent exam rush, the Actuarial Outpost blew past some of its previous records.

Thanks to everyone for helping us grow into the world’s largest community of actuaries.  From our freshman student actuary, to our most senior credentialed actuary, we’re glad to have each and everyone of you here on the Actuarial Outpost discussion forum for actuaries.

Here’s a brief summary of our new all time high statistics.

At 6:27 PM, Thursday July, 2nd, we had a record setting 1,849 members online over a 24 hour period.

At 10:45 AM, Thursday, July, 2nd, the Actuarial Outpost had 1,647 active members and guests online.

Last week there were 14,367 posts made by our 18,704 members, who have accumulated 3,685,220 posts made in 159,442 discussion topics.

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June 11th 2009
The Outpost gets a big bump in performance

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new-serverAs some of you may have noticed, with the recent May 2009 Actuarial Exam cycle, the server took a pretty good beating.  At our peak, we were cranking out 20 gigabytes of actuarial info, millions of pages at a time!  You could say we’re a victim of our own success. 🙂

We’d really like to see what this new server can do.  Help us beat our old record of most actuaries online, set at 1,605 on 07-02-2008 at 03:07 PM.  We really want to hit the 2000 mark, and make actuarial history, so email your fellow actuaries, and invite them to jon us.  You could simply send them these links and, and let them know why you read the outpost and why they should too.

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