Industry Links
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Salary Suveys:

  • DW Simpson Salary Survey, the industry standard for actuarial salary surveys. Also search the discussion forum (careers thread) for many detailed discussions on this survey.
  • Historical Salary Data Use the wayback machine and do a search on "" to get salary information dating back 5 years.

Actuarial News Sites:

Institutes and Associations


  • Oak Mountain Software demo. From the company: "AnnuityValue is a unique actuarial software tool used to derive annuity factors in a simple, easy way! You can use AnnuityValue to generate Single Life, Joint and Contingent, PBGC, and Expectation of Life annuity values quickly and easily. The user can also derive individual age conversion factors for optional forms of pension benefit payment."
  • Free Erisa Free access to pension and benefit data.
  • Term Life Market Reports from Insurance Squared. Generates reports showing current term life pricing from 140 insurers.
  • Compulife desktop multi company term quotes.
  • Insurance Book Review, Glenn's other time waster.
  • Mathshirts featuring math related stuff like mugs and shirts.
  • Geek to Geek Dating Service - started by an actuary, so worth mentioning here. We make no comment on the suitability for this community of a geek dating service that doesn't allow pictures. We'd like to, but we won't.:)