30th 2008
Check out our New Actuarial Blogs

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Well, some of them are actuarial in nature, and some of them are about nothing actuarial at all. It’s a new feature that allows every aspiring actuary, access to their own online journal, right here on the Outpost. Check out the Blogs

New Actuarial Blog FeatureThe blogs are on everything from actuarial exams to BBQ cooking. Don’t want the world to read it? No problem. Once you’re a member of our forum, you will be able to create your first blog post. You can then choose who can read your blog in your user control panel, under edit options. You can browse the public Actuarial Outpost Blogs here.

If you’d like to start your own actuary blog, you can register with the Actuarial Outpost by going to or by sending an email (from any email provider) to “register” at “actuarialoutpost” dot com, and let me (Tom) know what you would like your user name to be. You’ll be a member of the First & Largest Online Actuarial Community, in no time. 😉

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