1st 2007
We now accept Microsoft Excel documents as attachments

Posted under New Features

Do you have a question about that excel spreadsheet you’ve been working on all week? Think you’re close to fixing it, but you’re just not sure what to do? To help answer these types of questions that often come up, we’ve added the ability to upload Microsoft Excel documents (.xls) to your posts/threads in the forum.

We have a number of places in the forum that this can come in handy, especially in the Software & Technology Forum. Perhaps you just learned a new trick and want to show it off; now you can upload it so the whole world can see! The max upload size is currently set at 2 megabytes, but that can be increased if you find a need to upload a larger document. If this is the case or you just need some help, feel free to send a private message or email to Tom . Enjoy!

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