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List of Actuarial Software Developers and Consultants

  • Milliman - "Affinity® and ReservePro® help actuaries, analysts, and finance and risk management professionals analyze property and casualty loss data. Our systems provide sophisticated analyses, yet are easy to learn and use. They help analyze losses, reserves, loss adjustment expenses and aggregate claim data at over 500 companies and sites around the world."
  • Lewis & Ellis - "L&E develops actuarial software that accommodates both your drive to succeed and the pressures on your bottom line. More than three decades of performance backs our pledge to provide cost effective, competitive advantages for our clients. L&E actuarial software is a prime example of that commitment. Our tools offer complete functionality designed to empower your entire actuarial staff"
  • Poly Systems - "Our mission is to provide product excellence and maximum customer satisfaction through exceptional service. By continually striving to exceed client expectations, we will build and maintain lasting customer relationships, ensuring mutual success and growth."
  • TAS-MoSes - “TAS-MoSes offers exciting new capabilities to help companies better manage their business,” said Tony Dardis, leader of the software practice in the Americas. “Enhanced goal seeking, stochastic pricing and principles-based approaches to valuation are just a few examples of how TAS-MoSes will help our clients meet the challenges posed by increasing demands for sophisticated financial modeling.”
  • Orbit - Free life and health actuarial cashflow software and commercial insurance software development services
  • RMISWeb - The Internet Resource for Risk Management
  • EMB - “Our market-leading software products are continuously evolved and improved by multi-disciplinary teams of consultant practitioners, software development engineers and quality assurance professionals. By drawing on best-practice and technical innovation from multiple industry sectors we are able to create genuine competitive advantage for our users.” Andy Lingard, EMB Software Director
  • ASC - "Simplify your workload with ASC’s single, automated platform for all your administrative, valuation and project tracking needs. ASC has been around for over 25 years and in that time the DC/401(k) System has been programmed for virtually any scenario your clients will request."
  • Computer World - Actuarial Software Buyer's Guide