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Welcome to the Actuarial Outpost wiki,
the free actuarial encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
We currently have 124 articles, all about actuaries.
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Welcome to the Actuarial Outpost Wiki

This Actuarial Wiki is available for actuarial science students and professors alike, to share study materials, build formula sheets, and more. All members of our Actuarial Discussion Forum are welcome to edit our wiki. Just send Tom a Private Message/email and let him know that you'd like to contribute. He will create your account for you, and send you your log in details. If you are not currently a member of the actuarial discussion forum, go to and join. Once a member, you can request to have wiki privileges. If you become a contributor to our wiki, you will be added to our Wiki Contributor group which receives a pin under their user name, and also gets extra privileges such as a larger avatar size.

You'll notice that some of the links that you click on are missing. Once you become a contributor, you can help us fill in the blanks with as much useful information as possible. We currently have our wiki divided into several areas of interest, such as actuarial exams, sections for each field of actuarial work (Life, Health, P&C, Pension, Software, ERM, Investments), Maps of Actuarial Science Universities, an area for actuarial societies, etc. If you are an actuary and would like to become a contributor, please send an e-mail to 'tom at actuarial outpost dot com' to receive an account that will allow you to edit the wiki.

So, where's this all going, you ask?

Currently, Tom is working on setting up the structure for Exam P, FM, and MLC/3, while Campbell is setting up the structure for exam 4/C. Tom is also setting up Latex to help display complex formulas, and will be adding a tutorial on how to use it. After that is done, Tom will be working on a "quick how to guide" on how to add information to the wiki, so everyone can be an expert. As we grow, we will also be adding a WYSIWYG, much like the editor that is used on the discussion forum. This will allow our members to cut and paste entire documents, without having to worry about adding wiki code.

We currently only have two authors, but we'd like to have more, and more importantly, we'd love to have you. Register for an ID on the discussion board, and private message Tom to let him know you'd like to help.

Other areas of the Actuarial Outpost Wiki

Other areas of the Actuarial Outpost

  • Actuarial Outpost Home - Go to the main page of the Actuarial Outpost.
  • About - Everything you've ever needed to know about the Actuarial Outpost, and more.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • AO Shop - Sport the coolest threads from our very own Outpost gift shop.
  • Actuarial Exam Links - A comprehensive list of actuarial links from across the net.
  • Recent Posts - Read the most recent discussion topics on the Outpost discussion forum.
  • Invite other actuaries - import your contacts from gmail, yahoo, and more, to invite other actuaries to the AO.
  • Actuarial Job Forum - browse our actuarial job listing forum for the latest jobs and internships.
  • Actuarial News - A compilation of the top actuarial news resources.

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