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saul goodman

    I totally agree with everything said above.

    I’ve been studying for this sitting for over a year now. I was told May, then July, then October, now next week. The COVID numbers are the worst they’ve ever been and I feel forced to exposure myself for the sake of my job.

    I contacted the CAS about having a health condition that makes me high risk, and asked if there was any possibility of online exams. I quoted their disability accommodations policy. They said “no and no refunds”. They didn’t bother to email me a few days later when they changed their minds on refunds.

    I had to take exam 5 at home in spring 2018 against my will, and during a global pandemic they won’t offer this option again—- when Pearson is fully capable of offering this to all exam takers today.

    I study nonstop for an exam that will likely be cancelled do lock downs happening through out my state. For an exam I feel I am literally risking my life for.