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    Thank you TryhardActuary for posting this. Fall 2019 was also my second attempt and I also got a 5. I got a 4 the fist time that I took the exam. Something needs to happen because the exam and the study materials should match – weather that be the source materials change to match the exam (in which case the CAS should continue to publish exams after they have been given) or the exams should be a better match of the source materials.

    Yes I feel that the source materials should also change and perhaps teach Harwayne’s method in more depth in addition to other topics.

    I don’t want this, or any exam, to be “too easy”. There was also a question for credibility that involved using the normal distribution table in order to calculate total number of claims needed for full credibility. I don’t believe that using the normal distribution for calculating credibility was covered in the materials (to this degree) for this exam and there are plenty of other methods to choose from that ARE covered in the source material. This begs the question as to why in the world was this selected as the method for calculating the compliment of credibility?