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    I disagree with pretty much everything you’ve said.

    I think the CAS did an excellent job with the transition to the new format. I think they gave plenty of notice of the change, plenty of opportunity to get a refund, and plenty of time to understand the differences with the new format. You were welcome to attend the webinars to ask question and voice concerns.

    I’m not sure about the non refundable $100, It could be a charge from Pearson as you took a time slot that someone else could have used. I think they offered full refunds earlier on.

    I felt that the site I went to was safe and well managed. Plenty of hand sanitizing/washing, everyone wore a mask, plenty of spacing between people. It felt much less dangerous that going to the grocery store. I really have zero complaints with my testing experience.

    There are more Pearson testing centers than CAS testing sites, so I don’t understand your discrimination argument.

    If not releasing the exams leads to a 3rd sitting each year and faster grading, I can live with that. There are plenty of questions released from past exams to use as long as the question formats don’t change too much.

    I don’t think the NDA means no discussing it ever, just until the testing window is over, but I could be mistaken.

    Yes, we have all spent hundreds of hours studying, are you suggesting they cancel everyone’s exam because you have some health concerns and your employer is being unreasonable?