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    @TryhardActuary – No, the CAS could have enabled the exams to be remote. There is no excuse for them blowing this. Read that quote above from the CAS – they had ten months to figure this out and they pledged to provide an exam to all candidates. All of us could have anticipated and predicted that the winter would not be better and they kept us in limbo by constantly pushing exam dates back. Even now, they still cannot give candidates clarity on what is going to happen. This is inexcusable.

    A “wait and see” answer is actually the worst answer that they can give at this point. Especially when they have better options at their fingertips.

    I personally see a few options left:
    1. The CAS Leadership send a letter explaining that they completely failed everyone and that if candidates cannot get it rescheduled, no matter what, it’s over (this is just sticking with their current policy). This is also the worst option for everyone and is entirely due to the lack of CAS leadership.
    2. The CAS gets Pearson VUE to enable remote proctoring. I’m sure there is a fee with this…but I mean, they can use that non-refundable portion or something?
    3. Contact all CAS actuaries and beg for remote proctors like they did for Exam 5. IMO, they should have done this back in the summer, but perhaps the number of candidates needing this is small enough that it is feasible since a bunch of candidates took exams.

    Hey, CAS Leadership, why don’t you send out a quick survey to everyone about what we think you should do?