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    New to AO and I feel I understand the discussions from both sides.

    I have asthma and am kinda overweight so I am more at risk when it comes to COVID. I would not go out, I ate can food, and I used straight 90% alcohol to clean when wipes were out. So I think those who view “risking your life” is dramatic should pause for a sec and think about why people would say that before typing out a response. It’s not that hard to do.

    Turning points came when my wife was “forced” (or take a break from work) to travel for work. A long story here but that’s how I learned life needs to continue and I cannot be so scared anymore. I started to work out, eat healthy, take flu shot, think positively…

    My exam is rescheduled to January like many others and I believe CAS will address this and give me the chance to take the exam that I’ve studied for over 1 years.

    More importantly I think we need to show some respect to our fellow actuaries. People live and think differently. No need to add avoidable pressure at times that are already difficult to some people.